Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Monday Madness!

So...I got up today and cleaned the house like a frantic woman (which took several hours), hoovered in some lunch, ran to the gym, and now here I am at the library to return some books and check out regular life things (i.e. bank accounts, email, yadda yadda). Sometimes I like the library computers better than being at home because I don't get distracted by the dogs, or the fact that I could be doing laundry, or cleaning the know.

So, I typically blog about my pregnancy and workouts, and I am going to open it up to EVERYTHING now. Including my Etsy shop and all that I do for it! Why not?

I got my shop up and running, I need to list more items as I have some made and am in the process of finishing off some new ones. I had to get the hang of the whole Etsy thing first, and now I will start trying to get my name out there! It is
amazing how this huge community was hiding online and I had no idea - so thankful I found it. Great people, great articles, great handmade art, LOVE it.

I went from really cranking out jewelry to realizing that HELLO I needed to slow down. I love making it so much, but the last thing I want to do is compromise quality for quantity.

My love of the week~ sterling silver. I had been working with other materials, and I came back to it and forgot how EASY it is to work with. It melts in your hands! It will do anything you want! Plus it is beautiful.

Favorite piece of jewelry of the week
~ see picture of earrings. A lovely Etsian made this, and not only are they right up my alley as far as jewelry goes, the whole SHOP is. AWESOME.

~~~The "pregnant Lisbet" photo prompted someone to say I look like the happiest pregnant person ever. Well thank you! However, as Mike can probably vouch, I have my moments of "not-so-happy-Lisbet". I'd like to say I'm happy most of the time, though. :-)

Alright all, off for the remainder of the day -must go pick up husband at the airport later tonight from his long weekend of 1/2 marathon-ing in Rhode Island. What a nut. But a great nut.


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