Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morning folks.

So, I have been perusing through the runnersworld and trifuel websites, and absolutely agonizing over how I can't swim, bike, and run like I want to! Bah! I cannot wait to start increasing my fitness once again. I swam 1000 yards yesterday, and will probably just do 500-700 today. Hopefully it will make my arms look super svelt, bc we know other parts of me aren't! These days I am burning just as many calories swimming as I am running, simply due to the fact that I run so slow now. At my old pace, I would be burning way more. However, if I just stay in the pool for 30-45 min now I burn just as many. Running typically burns WAY more calories than any other sport, but I guess being pregnant and slogging along while I run isn't really doing too much for me. If anything, I just get out there once a week now so I remember what it feels like to run. Loooove swimming, though. It makes me feel active and happy.

Pregnancy related ~ I am just on cruise control! I see my doc in a week, then every 2 weeks and then every 1 week from here on out. Things are just sailing along, nothing bad to report. Logan has been rolling around all day, and tends to "sleep" at night. I hope this is the pattern he has when he is out in the world! I'm storing fat in my rear, though. Oh well, guess I have to keep the fat cells somewhere...boooo.

Okay, and for the fave Etsy item of the day!! I have been wanting some cool pottery for my house - bowl, vase, anything - so I found these CUTE vases on Etsy from jjceramics shop. The vases can be seen here. They are tall and skinny with a glaze finish. They would look totally cute with just one or two flowers in them on my kitchen table, sitting on a linen tablecloth. The shop has really cute and creative things in it, so if you are into pottery have a look!

Tiled Mug - now that's a tall cup of joe!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you the "Lovely Blog" award :) Come check it out! Thanks for reading!


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