Friday, May 29, 2009

And the week is over...

Above - an assortment of TripleL colors!

~~Hey all! I am featuring a new shop, she will take up space in my sidebar to the right, so take a cruise on in there! Visit Designs by Jenai and check out a mix of crocheted items and jewelry! Cute stuff, I personally like this the best. :-) She's very friendly so don't be afraid to contact her if you're interested!~~

I had a late night last night. Babysat my friends' kids , 13 months and 3 yrs old. The 13 month old is walking around like a maniac, and thankfully, the 3 year old has gotten over his jealousy of having a new brother so he has stopped stepping on the little guy's fingers and pushing him over. Ahhh kids. The parents were out at a No Doubt concert, which they said was PACKED. The security guard in their box said he'd never seen the Journal Pavilion (here in ABQ) this packed. Couldn't even find a spot on the grass. Gwen is pretty awesome, though, and I used to listen to No Doubt years ago. I'm happy they got back together to play, even if I was snoozing on the couch instead of jumping up and down like a clown with the other concert-goers...

Getting ready for the Art Show tomorrow!!! I am packaging soap like nuts and getting all my jewelry prepared. One issue I am having is finding something to hang my earrings off of....any suggestions? Hmmm. I may have to cave and go buy something? But what? Grrr.

~Here is my favorite Etsy item for the day! I looove coffee mugs! And with this whole pregnancy I haven't been drinking any coffee until recently. I allow myself a cup sometimes now because I am in the last trimester...and at this point he should be all big and developed (he FEELS like he's a monster, god I hope he's not huge). This super big blue mug is great, and makes me dream of having a huge cup of coffee in the near future. Check out the shop, AnneMariesPottery.

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