Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Salsa Fanatic

If you don't already know, I have a thing for salsa. LOVE IT. I am sitting here eating it, with my mouth on fire, and absolutely loving it. It's like an addiction. Who the hell would want their mouth on fire like this? ME. YES. I like punishing myself.

SO tired today. My feet are like, hello, I am done carrying around your preggo body today. Enough.

Grouting our bathroom shower tonight with Mike, WOOHOOO. That's a semi-sarcastic WOOHOO. At least it will be all done, though! I'll post an "after" pic.

I listed new jewelry on Etsy today and did some researching and article reading. Now my eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen for hours! BOOO. It's addicting, though! So many great articles and things to look at! (and buy, if you want...)

favorite earrings I made ~ pale green ones in the picture.

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