Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weary Wednesday

Goood morning all. Or is it afternoon? I have been up forever because I just couldn't sleep. Hardly slept last night. SO tired right now. Eyes are all swollen and blaaahhh. Ugh. Anyway.

Here are some posted pictures of my soap, and a new necklace. I am finally going to list my soap in my Etsy shop, it has just been a long time coming. I am hesitant to put my lotion up there...I will make some more then think about it. I have been using my face lotion with spearmint, avocado, cucumber, shea butter, and lavender...and so far I really like it! Spearmint is amazing for refining pores, and I could always use refined pores ;-) The shea butter and avocado oil is great for moisturizing...really absorbs into the skin. And here in New Mexico it is SO dry that I can use all the moisture I can get. I'll continue to use the face lotion and body lotion and then I'll get them up on Etsy!

I love the pendant kind of has an earthy feel to it. Plus, I love the red. Hopefully other people will too!

~~Today I need to go grocery shopping, continue getting prepared for the craft sale next weekend, finish the laundry, make that apple pie I've been meaning to bake, and do some sort of workout (a swim, maybe?) Really wish my eyes weren't ready to close up on me...~~

Have a wonderful Wednesday all! I'll perk up tomorrow :-)

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  1. Really like the color of your soaps and the packaging is awesome.


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