Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Turning Over a New Leaf...? Maybe.

Happy HUMP day! I am here for a brief while, and then I am off to the gym. I find that I have phases where I work out a lot in the gym, and then other times work out a lot outside. Hey, it works for me so why not. Not sure what the workout will be today, but most likely some running on the treadmill (egh, I know, I's just too damn hot out and I don't feel like pushing 50+ pound stroller either). I'm thinking, since I missed track last night, that I will do a track workout that is TBD. Regardless, I will get in some speedwork, which is always wonderful. Then I'll probably hit some weights, because I've forgotten how much I looooove them. And thennnn I will head out to the pool with the child so he can get some splashing in. Sounds like a rather enjoyable Wednesday evening to me, no?


The beginnings of my stuffed portabellas

Ooookay. So speaking of turning over leaves, I have been tuning into my diet lately, weeding out bad food, and figuring out what I can literally "stomach" and what I cannot. I've been dabbling in the raw food diet because it not only intrigues me, but I think there's a lot of credibility to the whole idea. I have been definitely eating a lot less red meat, and I feel like it has totally helped my insides settle down. I stick to chicken and fish now, and those in lower amounts as well. According to Dr. Oz (why do I LOVE his show so much?!), only a quarter of your plate should consist of protein, and that is not at every meal. Half of your plate should be fruits/veggies, one quarter protein, and the remaining quarter should be nuts and herbs and whole grains. They actually put a whole bunch of food on a plate to show you what you should be eating, and it looks pretty damn good. Why would people eat anything BUT that?! Also, I have been looking into cancer-fighting foods. If it's possible to actually prevent cancer through the food we eat, it's insane to think that people haven't tackled this before. Apparently, women who eat broccoli or leafy greens twice a week have a 72% less chance of getting breast cancer. Sounds goood, right? It's a fact that Americans are at fault for much of their own sicknesses, obesity, and even cancer. How have we gotten to this - I thought we were a pretty smart nation (HA - that's a subject for another day...) Buying the right foods and thoroughly preparing them for our benefit is the only way to control our health, however, much of society has forgotten that we ARE what we EAT. I'd rather not be a meatball sub...ew.

Do you guys take the time and energy to buy and prepare healthful food? To me, it's FUN to cook and then enjoy it all! Yummmmooooo. What do you make that is exceptionally good and healthy?


Happiness Journal

Today I am going to read my book and not feel like I should be doing something else.
Today I am going to have a glass of red wine with dinner!
Today I am going to the gym and LOVING it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Own Happiness Project

Hello all!

So, on a quest to create more happiness in my life, I am going to start keeping a "happines journal" that I will add to the end of each of my posts. No longer will I let the people around me bring me down, no longer will I dwell on every little thing in life!

So, it's onward - with a few things each day that I will do to make myself a happy. Just a few small goals to accomplish. Because's the little things in life that we need to revel in.


Yesterday I ran 3 miles on the 'mill (because it is way too freaking hot here in NM), lifted some weights which felt GREAT, and then took the kiddo swimming. He looooves the water, and splashed around like a maniac, getting me, my sunglasses, and every one in a 3 foot radius soaked. But it was great and I am so happy that he doesn't mind getting dunked. He'll be a super swimmer!

I need new shoes. That's right, I have NOT bought any new running shoes, and it has become a problem. I feel bad forking over the money, but this is one of those things I just need to pony up for, isn't it? Yep. No more excuses. I'd rather not land in a dr's offive due to excruciating knee pain when I knew that I could have prevented it. I'm smarter than this!!!

I want to run another 1/2 marathon, so I think I will sign up for the Chips 'n Salsa 1/2 in September. I would like to better my time of 1:56 in March...the race in which people ran off course, we ran through mud, and got super backed-up which I SWEAR hurt my time!

Okay time to enjoy this nap time, although he will probably wake up soon...


Happiness Journal:

Today I will:

take my son for a walk down by the river
hit up the library to check out a book to learn Swedish!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sooo Tired Sunday!

I was ready for bed at 5PM today...and it's 8:45 right now, and after I throw this post together I will graciously be turning off my light and rolling over. One night of camping with the kiddo and husband, and another family with twin 4 year old girls and a 1.5 year old boy, spells f-a-t-i-g-u-e. Gah. Throw in a few beers and well, you get the idea. I just can't hang anymore. :-( I feel pretty gross also knowing that I slammed several hot dogs and most of the skittles that Mike brought. Since when do I like skittles?? Ohh yes, I like them after a few Coors Lights have flowed. Needless to say, I am ready for another day, a day in which I can be productive and sweat out what I did to myself this weekend.

My training plan is going well, I guess? As I stated before, I am struggling with motivation. I get booooored quickly? Variety in working out has always been important to me because monotany and me just don't jive. That's why training for a marathon sometimes sounds daunting...granted, I still have a desire to do one. Someday, someday. I am thinking I will hit up a 10K in July that is pretty popular, just to maintain my competitive streak. Any one else get bored when they aren't racing? I love the thrill of it, and when I do race, I remember why I do what I do. Imagining a life without any sort of athletic competition seems entirely impossible.

For tomorrow I have a swim, and then I'll probably manage a yoga session at home during nap time.

And I was thinking...when did it get to be the end of JUNE people?!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meditation - helpful or no?

Whoa. I have been MIA, so sorry about that. I am totally ti-RED right now. Logan has been sick and not sleeping at night, so I am lacking in the sleep department. When is that kid gunna sleep all night? I'm waaaaiting....? "training" hasn't gone well since I returned fromt he cruise. I've gotten a couple swims in, some runs, one speedwork session...and a some crosstraining with P90X, yoga, etc. Guh. I have NOT gotten on my bike outside yet; I WAS on it once before we left for vaca...but that was it. So when will I start to train "seriously"? Ha, who knows, it may be never. I guess I will have to become accustomed to sleepless nights and running around like crazy all day...and the fact that training just might not always fit into my schedule. As long as I become at peace with that, things will be okay in the world of Lisbet.

So, on a totally different note, I was reading some blogs on Psychology Today. You should really check that site out, as there is great insight from tons of smart, highly educated people in the field of psychology/sociology. I came across several posts on meditation. It got me thinking. Does meditation truly help clear our minds, increase mindfulness, help us deal with relationships better? I once thought that meditation was only practiced by crunchy/granola types, and scoffed at it. Now, though, with my life being what it is (the usual adult life of sometimes (most times?) stress, fatigue, constant issues to deal with), I wonder...would meditation be advantageous for me? Could it really help my mind, body and spirit? At one point in my life I'd have laughed at this question, but now I think I need that sort of stability and clarity. Especially in today's world, where it seems that no one can just be happy, I figure...why not join the minority of people at ease. What do you all think? Any one out there meditate, or know people who do? Or do you think it's just a crock?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back from Bermuda...

...and I am totally lacking motivation. I guess that's what late nights until 2-3am and lots of drinking will do to a person. Ahhh well. I'll get back to training, and when I do, you'll know it. Until then, here's a glimpse of our trip...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Days Until...

Two day. Two DAYS! Then we'll be cruisin'. I am 100% ready for this, probably more mentally than anything else.

I am one of those people that never packs in advance. I just throw a bunch of things in my bag the day we leave, and more often than not, remember to bring most necessities. Not only that, I am a light packer as well. No matter where I am going, or how excited I am, I always leave the packing to the last minute.

This time, I packed three days in advance. 100% packed, toiletries and all. THREE DAYS. What does that tell you...?


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