Thursday, April 29, 2010

If you didn't run, what would you be doing?

Where would you be/what would you be doing if you didn't run or take part in some sort of athletic event?

I'd like to hear your answers.

My answer - I would probably be super bored and searching for an outlet. I'd still be a gym rat, but I would be a weight-lifting rat specifically. I may not have lost my baby weight as fast. I wouldn't have met a lot of great people/friends. I may not have met my husband if it hadn't been for that first day in the pool that I taught him some swim technique (which ended up not helping him since he was ahead of the curve. Yeah, he already knew every drill I gave him).

How would your life be different?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Track Tuesday Finally!

Warning: Brief baby update first.

My son has reached the point where he refuses to let me change his diaper. He will not lay down. He squirms, does backbends, crawls away with poop all over the place...GUH! So I have resorted to literally having him stand up while I slap the diaper on him. He's happy as a clam if he's rummaging through his changing table shelves, while I'm changing him. Getting pants on him is a whole different story, which is why he's usually pantsless lately. Hmm. Don't hate on me.


I've been noticing many women in the blogosphere love running skirts. I have yet to try one, as I've always relied on my trusty spandex shorts. Yes. I love spandex. But...the idea of a cute little skirt intrigues me. Maybe I'll try it out, see how it fits, see if I get any whistles (what? totally kidding. kind of.) All I know is that they seem to  be uber popular and get rave reviews. Any one have any suggestions for which they love the most? I've never dressed for fashion while working out. In college we practically competed to see who could wear the rattiest clothes to dryland ski practice. We basically prided ourselves on our cut up, holey shirts with paint stains on them. Now, things are different. The other day my husband said he thought we looked like the worst-dressed people in the gym. Both of us still wear clothes from college - him being MUCH worse seeing as he is soooo old (haha. he's 32). Does this mean I should think about buying some new gear? It's so expensive, though! AGH! Technical gear is not cheap, so we'll see how it goes. Maybe a shirt here and some shorts there to start, but no more.


So today I am managing to get to track practice. I usually can't as I work on Tuesdays, but this week I switched my schedule for different reasons and am thus able to go to track. Sad to say I have not gotten much speed work in on my own, so group workouts are awesome. It will be a little brush up for ther 10K this Sunday. The Run for the Zoo in Albuquerque is a MOB scene. People call it the Run WITH the Zoo, and for good reason. The spouse was saying how it will be fine because you just need to get out in front of every one else. I guess that could work for me to an extent, but this race attracts Kenyans who train in Santa Fe. So, finishing in the top 10% is kind of impossible, let alone the tope 50%. I'll let you know how it goes. I just found out another mommy-friend is running it as well, so we'll have the husbands watch the kids (4 total) while we run. Sounds like a good Sunday to me, no? We'll celebrate with food and drinks at our house afterwards for the remainder of the day. Good stuff to look forward to :-)

What are you doing for workouts today? Tuesday is always a speed day for me when I'm in training mode. Happy Tuesday!
<-----Yes, this is how I put a diaper on my child - standing up. Is that weird?

A couple pictures here from the weekend. First Pic - Logan not so interested in the seals at the Zoo. Still too young for that stuff I guess? Second Pic - hasn't every parent offered a Corona (or Bud, or Coors Light) to their child?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Do you sometimes fall off the bandwagon of life? I think we all do at times.

I find that I continually fall off the bandwagon. Maybe it's not visible to any one else, but it's glaringly obvious to me. I'm not talking about just the "workout-wagon" either. I'm talking about the my case, this means: eating right, taking care of my body, making sure the rest of my family is fed well, keeping the house in some sort of order, working hard at anything I do (job, yard work, housework, whatever it is that is important...) maintaining normal adult responsibilities...(i.e. NOT buying a latte that costs 4 bucks and instead putting that money toward our vaca-fund). Sometimes I really have it all together. I feel like I'm doing a great job of getting it all done, but then for some reason I just fall off the wagon. Sometimes it lasts a day, sometimes it lasts a week. Most people on the outside probably don't see it, but I feel it. For example, not wanting to do the laundry. Any of it. Because it is just soooo annoying and I could totally just put it off. Or, it's way too much work to create a delicious dinner of healthy food so why not pull out the cheese and crackers instead? I DO always keep on working out, even if the workout is purely junk...but at least I get it done. But lately, I've been off kilter. Being tired doesn't help because I become cranky and angry at the drop of a pin. :::sigh:::

Any one else feel this way sometimes? It's a constant battle that I believe most people fight, and I have been working on ways to come to terms with, well, my life. Because, HELLO, I have a great life and so does every one else I know! Life has these detours that are actually quite short in the grand scheme of things. Like these child-rearing years. I find myself griping and moaning and groaning about gaining weight, losing weight, wanting to compete, wanting to run fast(er), wanting to lose 5lbs...blah blah you know how it is. In reality, what does it actually MATTER? No one else really gives a damn. And the question we should all ask ourselves during times like these is: "Will all of this really matter in 5 years?" If not, we should get over it and enjoy the moment.

So, today, I have five little things to think about when we think we just can't do it anymore. Some if these ideas come from the book God Never Blinks, by Regina Brett. Now, it is not a religious type book, and I am not what you would call a church-goer...but they are good tips that agnostics and spiritual people alike can relate to.

1 - Life is bumpy (ferociously turbulent, actually) so have fun bouncing along. Bounce off those bumps and enjoy them because, as all things do, they will flatten out eventually.

2 - Stop saving things for a "special occasion". Today is special enough. So drink the expensive wine, wear the nice lingerie, and burn the pricey candles.

3 - Don't compare your insides to every one else's outsides. You have no clue what their journey has been like, and don't think their life is better than yours. The world needs you to be you.

4 - If you are having a doom and gloom day, still get up, get dressed and show up for life. Make no major decisions about career, relationships etc. because you are probably just having an awful day. To which we are entitled, but try not to get stuck in the mud.

5 - Your children (if you have any) only get one childhood so make it memorable. Now is not the time to be selfish. Put the t.v. remote down and go play outside with them.

I plan on reading that book by Regina Brett and jotting her "lessons" down on paper to keep in a spot I can go to when I'm having a rough time. Because honestly, how tough is it really? Sometimes a few words on a notebook page staring back at you is all you need to brighten your day.


I'm trying to ease my knee pain, or not make it any worse I guess, so today I was on the eliptical for 45 minutes and got some good lifting in for my legs and back. No abs today...don't want to do too many of those. I'm sticking to pilates 3-4 days/week. Below are some pics from during our walk this afternoon (just me and Loges).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Race Report Woes and Healthy Veggies

Oh man - have had a few tough days here with a teething baby and therefore lack of sleep...but I am here, and I am going to give you the rundown on how the 1/2 went on Saturday. I'll make it bearable, but I do have some b****ing to do about the whole thing.

Sooo, here's the deal. The race has been under a new company for a couple years now, and they have struggled to put on a good race. This race wasn't any better. It had rained the night before (which means downpour in New's the only way it rains here) but turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day. We started late because there seemed to be some confusion on where the start line was. Once we took off, the people in the front all went the wrong way, due to a total lack of markers. So, once the middle of the pack got to the first turn we were all merging together as the front of the pack had turned around and was basically running into us all. There was a 3 foot wide bridge we had to cross over, and so every one was suddenly walking and then at a total standstill as we funneled through the bridge. So obnoxious. Once we got over the bridge people began to disperse and we got going on a massively muddy, rain puddle laden trail for the next three miles. Talk about caking up your shoes, throwing off your gait, and totally ruining new shoes if you had bought them (thankfully, I was in my old pain-inflicting shoes, HA). We looped back the start where it became pavement and went out for a couple more out and backs to complete the next 10 miles. Now, many out and backs can you really have in a HALF marathon. Really? Really? It was ridiculous. By the time I had kicked off all the mud, dislodged a humungooo rock from my shoes and gotten back into it, I was exhausted! I slowed down massively for the second half of the race, and could not WAIT to finish the race. I practically wanted to give up at mile 8, boooo :-(

Soo...I finished the race and had some major attitude, and was basically in tears. Couldn't tell you why I was so emotional. I was thinking to myself - why do I even bother with this running thing? It's not like I'm super duper fast?! Agghhh. I wanted to just give up on it all! But alas, I got over it and realized I was being a douche, once I factored in all the "issues" of the race. The race actually got a LOT of negative comments on Active - one of which stated that it was really an unfortunate race for those of us who went to race it - 13 miles is a looong way, and people train really hard and make this their "A" race. It was a big let-down for the serious runners.

So, my numbers, which aren't very specific, are as follows:

I ran the first 6 miles at 8:30 pace and felt pretty good, but that declined due to the shenanigans at the beginning of the race. So much so that I finished in can figure out the numbers for the latter half of the race, but I clearly slowed wayyy down! After talking with Mike about it, he claimed that we could deduct 3-4 minutes off our times to get what we possibly could have run it in. That made me feel better :-) On a good note, I DID run faster than in Tucson in December, and totally untrained as well! I guess impromptu races don't always work out that well...hmmm...yeah my fault on jumping in with two feet.


Moving on here - do any of you struggle to find new and tasty foods to eat? Things can get superbly boring when you eat the same things all the time, and actually, you can miss out on much needed nutrients. Now that summer is creeping up on us I am looking for new veggies to cook up. It's fun to cook and eat new things, plus it broadens your dietary awareness. I checked out things I like, and things I don't frequently eat and created a list for you all to try out. From the list below, I want you all to pick one thing that you don't typically eat, and buy it on your next grocery trip. Do the same thing for the following grocery trip. Which foods are you going to try? I'll tell you what I tried out on my next post.

Artichokes - only have 60 calories per one medium artichoke, and hold 25% of your daily fiber and vitamin C. Plus they are fun to eat. Steam them for 30-45 minutes.

Radishes - contain antioxidants that are cancer fighters, as well as vitamin C. Slice them up in salads, pastas.

Arugula - one cup is 4 calories, and 28% of your daily Vitamin K. Good in salads, mixed with other greens, or in soups.

Beets - High in potassium and magnesium. Goood in just about anything - I just eat them as sides.

Mustard greens - Have beta carotene and phytochemicals (help combat cancer). I would just mix these into salads.

Fennel - It's a crunchy white bulb that is a good alternate to onions. Works as an inflammatory (good for runners, of course) that can relieve cramping and stomach spasms.

Friday, April 16, 2010

1/2 Mary tomorrow - glass of wine tonight! YES!

Wow. I am alone. Like, in the house with NO child and NO husband. And I am doing NOTHING. Just got home from work and decided not to have a workout today due to the 1/2 tomorrow and my knees hurting this past week. It's not often I can sit on my bed and just jerk around with no pressing matters ( it sad that laundry is sometimes a "pressing" matter? Whatever). This is GREAT - doing nothing that is! I think what makes it even grrrrreater is that it's only for a short period of time so I just relish in it even more. It's funny how the busier you are, the more things you are able squeeze in due to mad time management skills, I mean look at me - I am totally squeezing in quality "me" time right now. HAHA. entertain myself I am displaying a picture of my guns above for you all to see. I know - so totally jacked (harr harr).

Anywayyyyy, so I have the 1/2 tomorrow and I am not properly trained. Meh. We will see how it goes. I am thinking I will start out at a comfortable pace (9:30 or so?) and then settle into a more "uncomfortable but manageable pace" after a few miles. And what is that pace? I'm not even sure, to be honest, but I am thinking somewhere around 8:45? That is a 100% wild guess. I have never been a real numbers person, and I never really predict race times and rely on pace goals...I don't even wear a watch. I just go by how I feel. It has worked in the past. So who knows what an "uncomfortable but manageable pace" will actually feel like. I will def let you all know in the race report! Who knows how this will pan out.

Oh. And I am running in my nasty ratty old shoes that give me apparent knee issues. Ugh. Not like I had time to run out and spring on new shoes...that will have to happen at a later date. Boy I hope my joints get through this intact!

On a whole different issue - I taught kindergarten today. They were AWFUL! Some classes are good, but mannnn this class was bad! AGH! I left feeling drained and like a needed a glass of wine! (which I remedied...) I can deal with one 5 year old, but 19?! Made me appreciate my little Logey man - check out this pic of him below. Fell asleep like this...and somehow managed to get his pants off before doing so...

Have a great weekend all - I'll check in on things after my race!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Changes Could You Make Today, to Help You Feel More at Ease?

I know, it's late, what am I doing up? Is 11 really that late, or am I just some old lady now? Who knows. Just a quick note here, I was poring over Amanda's blog RuntotheFinish, and she has this challenge that I think we all need to think about doing. If not on her blog, at least jot these things down for your own sake:

THREE things that you can change TODAY and implement for the next 30 days. Sometimes we all need to make slight changes to create an air of can be that easy.

But skip over to her blog and check it out homies. Maybe all the help YOU need is to just stop hitting the snooze button every morning, eh?

Annnnnd I'm hittin' the hayyyy.

Crippled Knees Got Me Down On Running

I think I may be crippled by the time I am 35. No really, with the way my knees acted up on Saturday night, you would have thought I was going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I ran 12 miles Saturday morning...and it went fine. A stupidly hilly loop (a few hills I even walked up, I won't lie, who was I trying to impress anyway?) So, with walking included, my pace was 9:10...a nice, pretty easy run in preparation for my half this weekend. My knees have always been an issue, probably from skiing hard since the wee age of 4. If my mileage is low and I suddenly try and jump from runs under 8 miles to runs of 12 or more, my knees react by inflicting pain on me that basically keeps me from doing anything. So...Saturday night, as I sat at a bonfire at a friend's house, my knees slowly but surely set up and started to hurt more and more until I basically couldn't stand/sit/ anything without wanting to cry. To be honest I doubt I have had them hurt this much before. That night I went to bed wondering if I would ever really be able to run far again. Alas, they are better now and I have recovered. So, I guess you all are thinking right now "duh lady, don't you know you can't increase mileage that fast?" Well YES I know this! But I've always been able to just go out and pound out extra miles without any problems. Grrr. Does any one else have such knee problems? Do you think this will prohibit me from staying super active in the future? Hope not. Guess I'll just have to smarten up - doh!

Okie doke - next dilemma - what to do about new running shoes. Mine are ancient (aka 9 months old HAHA) and they are pretty much on their way out. I have Mizuno Waves right now...not sure if I love them. I've had two of the same pair in a row now, but I'm not sure if I love them enough to buy them again. I kind of I need something with an extra arch. I was looking at the RW shoe guide, and the Nike Zoom Structure Triax 13s look good. Is it true that Nikes run narrow, or is that just an old myth? I used to buy them because I thought that was true (and I have a narrow foot...) I have also run in New Balance before and I really liked the New Balance 760 are another option I found. Anywho, if I'm going to drop over 100 bucks on shoes, I want to do my research. Thank God RW has all the info on these shoes; it at least gives me a starting point. But as always, there are too many options!


Does any one watch American Idol? It's Tuesday which means I know what I'll be watching! I feel so pathetic - never in my life have I watched this show, and for some reason the spouse and I have become addicted to it this season. Bleeeehhh. It'll be over soon enough...but...GO Crystal! Love that hippie music/style she has :-)

Happy Tuesday all - hope you get in a good sweat today. 3 mile run and a 30 min bike for me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tempo Run with a Stroller? And a New Flexitarian Diet.

SICK children are no fun. Beside the point that I felt bad for poor little Logey yesterday, I did not get a SINGLE thing done except for a small batch of laundry. Hubby came to the rescue at around 5:30pm (which is uuuuuber early for him to be home) and let me head to the gym for a 55 minute elliptical session. How nice is THAT? MUCH needed escape; I was extremely grateful. Anywhooo, we woke up a tad happier today, and the little munchkin is napping now due to sheer exhaustion from crying all day and all night. Hoping we can get out today for a run - a tempo run is on the schedule, but not so sure how fast it will be with pushing the bambino...hmmm. I'll probably jog 1.5 miles...quicken it up for 15 minutes, and then jog another 1.5. After that, if all goes well and no crying ensues, I'll release him to the wonderous gym daycare ladies and get some weights in. Maybe no abs today...since I have been doing a lot of them...and I don't need to make my middle thicker! Still battling a slight layer on top of the abs that I am not so happy about...unnoticeable to others, but for some reason a huge issue for moi. I've actually begun totally changing my diet to a "flexitarian" diet. Meaning, I am not eating as much meat, maybe only one to two meals a week with a little bit of chicken...I'd like to get it down to one meal a week. My insides seem to agree better with mainly veggies, grains, and some fruit. Duhhh. Isn't that what we were created to eat? I think SO. And I might possibly have a slight dairy issue, where too much of it spells disaster for my intestines. I truly think that I FEEL better and perform better (running/attitude/happiness) when I eat this way (plants/fruits/grains). I notice a mjaor change when I eat too much red meat, cheese, or white bread...any one else notice this trend as well? I really wonder how, for so many years, I ate what I wanted and just weathered the painful gut, down mood, and sluggish feeling...not to mention skin problems. I was never one to have major skin issues, however, I notice a marked improvement when I eat a better diet.

The general consensus here is that it makes SO much more sense to eat yummy things that are good for us, thus allowing ourselves to enjoy a better quality of life. Plus, cooking great food is super duper fun, and a fantastic learning experience. I mean seriously, who knew kale could be so good (I did know this already, but did you?)

Anywho, to cheer on this whole flexitarian idea, I have been searching for good recipes. Any one like hummus? ME ME ME ME! I could eat it by the spoonful, which sounds gross but whatev. Check this out -

Garden Pea & Walnut Hummus
Makes 8 servings (~2 Tablespoons each)

2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1.5 cup frozen green peas, thawed
1/3 cup raw walnuts
1/2 lemon, juiced
1/4 cup fresh basil
Salt & pepper, to taste
Whole grain pita breads/flatbreads/baguettes, grilled


In food processor, puree ingredients until smooth.
Serve hummus spread with grilled breads.
Optional: top hummus with chopped walnuts, basil, and drizzle of olive oil

Facts (hummus only)
Serv. size 2 Tbsp (37g)
Servings 8
Calories 78
Fat Cal. 56

Sounds SOOOO good. Not your normal hummus but I like change! I'll probably try this out this wknd and let you all know how it comes out, and then maybe you can add it to your handy little cookbook. I have my own cookbook chock full of recipes I've found/been given. It's a great idea to have one of these because it's full of your faves!

Off to another day here - thankfully NM is looking up weatherwise and will be hitting 70s the next few days, thank God!

Happy eating, you lovely foodies/runners!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Running in the Wind = So Not Fun

Today, I am supposed to do 7-9 hill repeats. I actually love hill repeats because it shakes things up a little bit and allows me to get away from regular old sprints on flats. However, New Mexico is currently in its "windy season". We are looking at wind speeds of up to 50 mph today. Not sure if I really want to get out and run hills in that, with the BOB and a 20lb child to top things off. What to do? Mike is meeting for a track workout with the "group" at 5:30pm...maybe I'll head to that instead...granted...the wind is still a factor there too soooo....TM it is maybe! Booo. I am so ready for summer.

Easter Sunday all three of us went out for a run, Mike with the BOB, me solo (yes!). It seemed to be nice and sunny and calm, but 10 minutes into the run it just became a blustery mess. It was like running against freakin' hurricane winds. We managed about an hour and 10 minutes. Not sure on the distance, but I am thinking at least 6 miles. Pretty much an all up hill run (we ran to his mom's and had her drive us home, LOL. She thinks we're nuts). Calves actually tightened up for me, which never happens. Kinda nice.

Yesterday was just cross-training. Twenty minutes on the stair climber and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Today I'll shoot for the RW Core Workout and then make a decision about this speedwork that I must accomplish.

On a different note, my child is sitting here continually hitting his head on the coffee table. I swear he's going to be brain-dead by the time he's 1 yr old...guh.

Repairing Diastasis Recti After Pregnancy

Diastasis Recti. Many pregnant women suffer from this, "this" being abdominal separation. Apparently I had a little bit of it myself, showing up around my 5th or 6th month of pregnancy. My Dr. acted like it was nothing and that I would recover easily from it. He did say, though, that women who have tight abs before they get pregnant are more apt to suffer from diastasis simply because their abs aren't used to being stretched out. Well what the heck, I get punished because I'm in shape and have slammin' abs? How unfair is that? Regardless, I seem to be on the mends, with only a little bit of protrusion in my upper abs that I notice when I crunch up from a laying-down position on the floor. Kinda NOT cool, but it just comes with the territory I guess.

Below is one video of several on the RunnersWorld website. Click on it to watch it, and if you go here :,8052,s6-6-0-2,00.html?ext=Y&videolink= can see the other related videos in the sidebar that compile the Core Values Workout. Get going on these exercises at least a couple weeks after birth, and you can start to zip those abs back up. Remember, though, it took 9 months to stretch those muscles out so it may take a few months to get them back!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

25 Things You May Not Know About Me

Some of you know me well, others of you don't. So here's 25 things that will let you in on the life of Lisbet. (Trust me, there's a lot more but this is the short list).

1 - My parents are still married (to each other, yes).

2 - I have one brother, Erik, who is now 22.

3 - I grew up in Princeton, Massachusetts and lived there for 23 years before moving to New Mexico (I am now 26).

4 - I was an NCAA All Conference ski racer at UMass - Amherst.

5 - We won Nationals in 2003, Regionals in 2004 - yes we beat the 28 year old imports from Sweden.

6 - It was (one of) the best times of my life.

7 - I figure skated competitively for 10 years.

8 - I had to stop because I fractured my back.

9 - Then I heavily devoted myself to ski racing (which I had also been doing while skating).

10 - I had four majors in college and still graduated in 4 years.

11 - I started running longer and doing triathlons after college - when I met my now husband.

12 - I love being competitive in any sport that I do.

13 - I thought I wouldn't have kids until at least my late 20s, and am so happy I had my first earlier!

14 - I like to think I have a slightly earthy/crunchy style.

15 - My husband thinks that's "dirty."

16 - I like classic rock.

17 - I ran and swam up until the day before I had Logan.

18 - People have asked me if I am a sports model - I think that would be pretty cool if I was!

19 - I have skiied in the Swiss Alps with the like of Norwegian, Italian and Finnish National Teams.

20 - I was born with black hair, and after it fell out and grew back it has always been blonde.

21 - My mom is 100% Swedish.

22 - I don't know if I ever want to do an Ironman (but my husband already is one).

23 - I wish I had more time to read.

24 - I love love love to cook food!

25 - I do not have a Blackberry, iPhone, or whatever else those smart phones are...

Of course, I could go on and on...but I will spare you. I am a pretty interesting person, though, if I do say so myself. Ha.

Anyway, this is a wonderful Easter day here! About 70 degrees and sunny, so it's about time to take the little guy out in the BOB. I really realllllyyy need to get in a long run before this half marathon in two weeks...but not sure how far I'll go today with the kiddo. I'm thinking this race will be faster than last race seeing as I weigh less then I did a few months ago...sooo crossing my fingers! I don't have a goal time really...but 1:55 would be nice, and I think I can do that easily.

Friday, April 2, 2010

And Guess Where I'm Going on Vaca!?

Are you ready for this? GUESS where I am going on June 4th-11th. Just guess. Okay the photo above may give it away a little...BERMUDA! A cruise from Boston to Bermuda! NICE!!!! (well, we have to fly from NM to Boston, which kinda isn't cool but whatev) This will be me and Mike's first vaca together that isn't related to some running race/triathlon. Just sheer relaxation and the ability to do whatever we want. So this means I have to buckle down and get myself bikin ready! Might have to invest in a new one, seeing as most of mine hail from about 5 years ago and are unraveling. The fact that I am gearing up for my 1/2 marathon on April 17th, tri on may 2nd, and 10K on May 10th...I should be in good shape. Well, better shape I guess. Like super svelte. Haha. So, things on the "Bermuda Cruise To-Do List" are as follows:

- go snorkeling
- lay on the beach
- drink too many pina coladas
- eat too much food on the ship
- get a stellar tan (while wearing spf 30, mind you)

I will add more, I am sure. But for now I am just pumped to THINK about going! YES!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Running Faster After Pregnancy

So it's been a while since I posted anything huh? I wish I could really streamline this blog, but I have so many ideas and things I like to do that, well...I have a hard time focusing on just ONE thing. Not sure what to do on that - what are people most interested in? My active life? My running/working out etc? And all being done with a baby? And eventually another baby some day? (yes, we do want another bambino). Let me know your thoughts...what do people like to read about here?

So....what is this talk about women getting faster after pregnancy? Is it true? I feel like it is, because recently I have been feeling REALLY good while running. Is there really any scientific evidence? I dunno...they claim increased blood flow is like blood doping, but I am almost 9 months PP, so is that really the factor here? Perhaps it's the mentality women have after having childrem that helps them become better athletes. We probably have a more sound mind, better discipline, and realize that yes we CAN and WILL finish this race and that we've done harder things (especially those of us who had longer/more difficult labors, maybe?) This blog, by Alix J. Shutello, touches on running before, during and after pregnancy so take a look. Some good info, things a lot of us know, and some great inspiration.

In the end, though, I run and think about a lot of Logan. And it puts a smile on my face. That in itself makes me run faster than anything.


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