Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Running in the Wind = So Not Fun

Today, I am supposed to do 7-9 hill repeats. I actually love hill repeats because it shakes things up a little bit and allows me to get away from regular old sprints on flats. However, New Mexico is currently in its "windy season". We are looking at wind speeds of up to 50 mph today. Not sure if I really want to get out and run hills in that, with the BOB and a 20lb child to top things off. What to do? Mike is meeting for a track workout with the "group" at 5:30pm...maybe I'll head to that instead...granted...the wind is still a factor there too soooo....TM it is maybe! Booo. I am so ready for summer.

Easter Sunday all three of us went out for a run, Mike with the BOB, me solo (yes!). It seemed to be nice and sunny and calm, but 10 minutes into the run it just became a blustery mess. It was like running against freakin' hurricane winds. We managed about an hour and 10 minutes. Not sure on the distance, but I am thinking at least 6 miles. Pretty much an all up hill run (we ran to his mom's and had her drive us home, LOL. She thinks we're nuts). Calves actually tightened up for me, which never happens. Kinda nice.

Yesterday was just cross-training. Twenty minutes on the stair climber and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Today I'll shoot for the RW Core Workout and then make a decision about this speedwork that I must accomplish.

On a different note, my child is sitting here continually hitting his head on the coffee table. I swear he's going to be brain-dead by the time he's 1 yr old...guh.

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