Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Track Tuesday Finally!

Warning: Brief baby update first.

My son has reached the point where he refuses to let me change his diaper. He will not lay down. He squirms, does backbends, crawls away with poop all over the place...GUH! So I have resorted to literally having him stand up while I slap the diaper on him. He's happy as a clam if he's rummaging through his changing table shelves, while I'm changing him. Getting pants on him is a whole different story, which is why he's usually pantsless lately. Hmm. Don't hate on me.


I've been noticing many women in the blogosphere love running skirts. I have yet to try one, as I've always relied on my trusty spandex shorts. Yes. I love spandex. But...the idea of a cute little skirt intrigues me. Maybe I'll try it out, see how it fits, see if I get any whistles (what? totally kidding. kind of.) All I know is that they seem to  be uber popular and get rave reviews. Any one have any suggestions for which they love the most? I've never dressed for fashion while working out. In college we practically competed to see who could wear the rattiest clothes to dryland ski practice. We basically prided ourselves on our cut up, holey shirts with paint stains on them. Now, things are different. The other day my husband said he thought we looked like the worst-dressed people in the gym. Both of us still wear clothes from college - him being MUCH worse seeing as he is soooo old (haha. he's 32). Does this mean I should think about buying some new gear? It's so expensive, though! AGH! Technical gear is not cheap, so we'll see how it goes. Maybe a shirt here and some shorts there to start, but no more.


So today I am managing to get to track practice. I usually can't as I work on Tuesdays, but this week I switched my schedule for different reasons and am thus able to go to track. Sad to say I have not gotten much speed work in on my own, so group workouts are awesome. It will be a little brush up for ther 10K this Sunday. The Run for the Zoo in Albuquerque is a MOB scene. People call it the Run WITH the Zoo, and for good reason. The spouse was saying how it will be fine because you just need to get out in front of every one else. I guess that could work for me to an extent, but this race attracts Kenyans who train in Santa Fe. So, finishing in the top 10% is kind of impossible, let alone the tope 50%. I'll let you know how it goes. I just found out another mommy-friend is running it as well, so we'll have the husbands watch the kids (4 total) while we run. Sounds like a good Sunday to me, no? We'll celebrate with food and drinks at our house afterwards for the remainder of the day. Good stuff to look forward to :-)

What are you doing for workouts today? Tuesday is always a speed day for me when I'm in training mode. Happy Tuesday!
<-----Yes, this is how I put a diaper on my child - standing up. Is that weird?

A couple pictures here from the weekend. First Pic - Logan not so interested in the seals at the Zoo. Still too young for that stuff I guess? Second Pic - hasn't every parent offered a Corona (or Bud, or Coors Light) to their child?


  1. bahaha...I'm wearing one of those said holey paint stained tee-shirts at the moment...and yes, I did just come from the gym...and yes, I am most definitely the worst dressed woman in my gym.

  2. My daughter is horrible about getting dressed - every morning is a battle! I say if you can get im to cooperate by having him stand, whatever works.

    I love kettlebells - I've been doing it regularly since September and have noticed huge strength gains. Also lost 5 inches from my waist (but my weight has stayed the same, weird).

    Good luck with the 10k this weekend!

  3. Ha- your comment made me laugh. I have to pin my ten month old down with my knee, it doesnt make me feel like a very caring mum, but hey, sometime you just have to do what you have to!!


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