Monday, August 31, 2009

7 mile run tonight? Fine.

So I have to run 7 miles tonight. My 1/2 marathon training started last Monday...and I totally skipped my long run (being 7-8 miles) yesterday. So now I'm stuck with it today. The husband is going to help a friend put in some floors in his new house, and his house just so happens to be 7 miles away. Yey for me! Haha. So, I guess that's what needs to be done. Lord knows it will be sloowww, with some walking thrown in there for sure. But whatever. I know I can do it, it will just be way slower than ever before. I don't actually WANT to do it, seeing as it's the end of the day and I'd rather just make some dinner and watch tv...but I'll be happy that I did it.

Anyway, it always seems that when I get on here to post something, the baby is suddenly hungry. So I must go stop him from his eating his hand, which is shoved pretty far into his mouth right now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just some updates - Saturday

He's gettin' big!

Just sitting here drinking coffee while Dad is out for a fast run in preparation for the NM 1/2 Marathon next weekend...I'll go on my run when he returns...even though I so don't feel like going. But I WILL go just to get out of the house for a bit! By myself!

We have moved Logan to his crib in his room - wow, we have our room back! (kinda) He transitioned more fussing than usual :-) And his room is so close to ours I can easily hear him during the night so no monitor needed. I seem to wake up at every little noise these days, though.

Almost September! Which means a little cooler weather around here! Thank God... I am ready for it. It has just been way too hot, and with spending the hottest months here pregnant and uncomfortable, I am just ready for some cooler weather. But that means I might need to buy some new clothes to fit me, can't really get into my old jeans yet. Bleeeehhh.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

6 week checkup

I had my 6 week appt today...can't believe Logan is 6 weeks old. I feel like it was just a week ago! I am a tired lady today, and haven't been able to catch up on sleep with a nap. On the to do list tomorrow: nap. He's being a good boy today...slept the whole time I did some errands with MIL..blah blah. Anyway. I DO have to make sure I pick up my prescription for the mini-pill tomorrow and start it right away. Lord knows I don't want another baby just yet. My body is so out of wack I couldn't imagine getting pregnant. Yuck. So anyway, not much to say today.

Maybe I'll be more awake tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Epiphany - relationships are hard work

HAHA! Okay, so this was not really an epiphany, rather, something I felt like talking about today. Ya know, before I got pregnant my then bf (now husband) and I were just truckin' along having a little bit of a rocky road to say the least. BAM. I get pregnant, and life changes entirely. We are doing really well now, of course, but I do think about the ups and downs of relationships and how they work. I mean, not all couples stay together. And then there are those that are married for 50 years. I don't think that there is a soulmate for us all out there, definitely not! Life is not that spelled out. So, instead of worrying so much we should really just accept every one and take things a little more lightly. The person you marry isn't going to be PERFECT, HELLOOO! I don't know why we're all so uptight these days. People just want want want! And if they don't get what they want they are pissed off. So lame. Our society is reaching a new peak of selfishness. People want like, the perfect marriage and the perfect mate, but come on. Get a grip. All those men who have gotten married recently should be happy they found someone to marry them! Cuz lord knows that these days it's hard to find a good one (guy) out there...

Oh, and speaking of married life, I was talking to a friend about sex and marriage and how to make it more interesting. I mean, when you first meet someone and aren't living together the sex is exciting because you get all dolled up and blah blah. Not that people can't had great sex in marriage, but still, it is an amusing topic. (Remember, lighten up people!) Daphne's video below gave me a chuckle.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hellooo Again - Losing weight after pregnancy

Now, the first pic is me when I found out I was preggers, and then of course the second is when I was about 35 or 36 weeks. HOW do I get back to my BEFORE pic?! AHH! most of my friends can vouch for, I am a fitness freak. So, losing weight after this pregnancy is a maaaajor issue for me. Or should I say goal? Yeah, that sounds better. I gained a LOT of weight without really meaning to, and now I am stuck with about 15 lbs that I do NOT want. (Okay, I'd REALLY like to lose 20, but 15 is good for me right now). I am trying to come to terms with the fact that YES it will take a while, but alas, I am impatient. Number one thing I need to do is eat better. I think the main thing to make sure to do is keep fruit in the house. I always buy it, and then it is eaten up, and I don't go get more. This needs to become a regular thing. Also, exercise must become a regular thing. I found this great site where Arlene Pellicane offers tips and support to help us women lose weight! Of course a great way to exercise is to just stay active with your kids, such as, on a family vacation. Cute little clip about that here. She also has a great blog here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pic and Blog of the Day

Pic of the Day

Blog of the day is Momalogues - she's witty and funny, deep and light.

Kids at a young age

Okay, so, I'm not even a true "young mother" compared to some women out there. I don't think having a baby at 25 is all that young, but I will say that I am the only one out of ALL of my friends that has a baby. None of my girlfriends (and guy friends) can even say the word "relationship" let alone "marriage" and "baby". I mean really, they would drop dead. I find myself in a really odd state of transition. I can't really chat with my friends any more because all I can say is hey I just changed my kid's diaper and he pooped AGAIN! Ohhh and I'm doing the 18th load of laundry this week! Nice! So as I am trying to figure myself out and who I well as keep this baby other friends are thinking about what to wear to the bar tonight.

Interesting momversation discussion here about the topic...take a look at the video, brings up some good points that I personally can relate to. I couldn't get the video embedded, so click on this link and scroll down to "Do you judge young mothers?"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is being a mom enough?

So, I watched this clip on and I think it's interesting enough to bring up here. Is it okay to "just" be a mom? I don't think you can JUST be a mom. Being a mom is a job in itself, and women should be happy if they are stay-at-home moms. However, these days, it seems that when women are "just" moms they aren't respected nearly as much as moms who also have jobs. So, the question is: Is being a mommy enough?

Friday, August 14, 2009

I get to go somewhere by myself!!

Ohhh I wanna go run on the beach! But guess I'm stuck on the treadmill today...

Guess what?!!! The grandparents just called and offered to watch Logan if I needed to go do a couple things! And, I totally took them up on it. Yesterday I tried to take him out and and we got to the bookstore and he decided he just didn't want to cooperate. I put him in his sling and he immediately started crying. So our ride down there was for nothing, because we just turned right around and came home. Boo. So, they offered to watch him and so now I am excitedly thinking of what I can do. Stop by the store, go to the bookstore like I planned...the GYM maybe? I haven't been to the gym alone in what seems like forever, but is really only a couple months actually....but STILL. SO excited. It's amazing the things you can squeeze in when you are only given a small amount of time.

Alright I have a baby to feed and pack up to head on out. Isn't it sad how this has just about made my Friday? Small pleasures in life, I tell you.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Babies DO learn to talk!

My baby is figuring out he has a voice. Making squeaks and squaks and cries and grunts, all just for the hell of it. He had a mini crying fit earlier, and I found that the swing absolutely puts him to sleep. NOTHING would make him quiet down, and the second I put him in the swing and turned the "waves sounds" on, he conked out. Like magic I tell you. Wonderful. So mom was able to get a mini nap in herself today which was nice. We went to see daddy today to retrieve my wallet that I'd left in his car, and then went on a 2.5 mile jog/walk. Don't get all excited for me, it was a sloooow walk/jog. Yep. At least I am out there, though, right? Mike is working up a training plan for me (or I think he is...pretty sure he forgot about that...) for this 1/2 marathon. I was like, now hunny, take in to consideration that I JUST had a BABY. Like, pushed one out. Like, things aren't really back to normal yet, and my fitness level is ohhhh completely trashed. He'll be a good boy about that, I hope, and start off easy for me.

Haha. I just put Logan in his swing to type this out, and just looked over to see yet again, the Super Swing has done the trick. The guy is OUT. What is it about cheezy music and a mobile that goes round and round that really gets a kid sleepy? It's great. I love it.

Was able to get laundry, bed sheets changed, ktichen cleaned, and house swept and vacuumed this AM! Woooo! Wow, the new daily achievements that really get me excited have certainly changed drastically. I EVEN got into the shower and washed my hair?! While little man was conked in his swing after his crying bit, of course. It's amazing how fast you can do things when you have a little person around the house. I can't imagine what will happen when he starts crawling and walking, though, yikes.

Oh, check out this hilarious "mom blog". This lady just made my day, and I will totally read this when I need a laugh. Also, a "running mommy's blog"...which allows me to know I WILL run again! And that parenting is a sport!

Are you a mom? Here are the "50 best mom blogs"! Read 'em and weep...or laugh...whatever.

In this picture, I had no idea I'd be married with a baby in due time. Oh man. At least I look pretty darn cool.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I did NOTHING today! And I am okay with that. Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully I will be a bit more rested from doing nothing today...even though I'll be up with the little guy tonight. But it's okay.

New fun stuff~~~
~~~will be up in my shop soon!

Have a great and relaxing Sunday!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ohh, now I'm lonely again!

Booo. My mom left today. It's nice to have the old routine back again, but now I am lonely and sad :-( You kind of get used to having someone in the house, and when they leave, it feels really empty and lonely. Logan and I will have to find things to do to keep us occupied! Walks are getting boring around here because it only takes about 1/2 an hour to get around our whole neighborhood. We'll have to find some new places to go. And I am working on getting his feedings into a certain routine...I want to try and have an idea of WHEN I will be feeding him. We'll see how that works out, babies just do what they do without caring about your schedule I guess.

I'm finally feeling a lot better. As far as how my body feels, I feel great. When I am tired I notice my body feels worse, which makes perfect sense. Also, I am trying to get a gallon of water (or liquids) in me each day: I am failing miserably. I took a used milk jug and fill it with water at the beginning of each day, and try and empty it by the end of the day. I'm getting only 2/3 of the way through if I am lucky. Really gotta get better about that.

Mom got some cute things for our house while she was here, take a look!Cute and colorful rug from Jackalope!

Decorative ladder from Jackalope!

Southwestern pillowcase - you guessed it - from Jackalope!

While she was here we sent out a package to my great Aunt - we sent her some of my handmade soaps, a handmade card, and I designed a new set of earrings for her. I actually ended up really liking them, so I will probably make more of them in varying coin pearls and different drops - maybe some briolettes.

What do you think?
Allllright, anyway, time to go. I have a hungry little man waiting for me.



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