Friday, August 14, 2009

I get to go somewhere by myself!!

Ohhh I wanna go run on the beach! But guess I'm stuck on the treadmill today...

Guess what?!!! The grandparents just called and offered to watch Logan if I needed to go do a couple things! And, I totally took them up on it. Yesterday I tried to take him out and and we got to the bookstore and he decided he just didn't want to cooperate. I put him in his sling and he immediately started crying. So our ride down there was for nothing, because we just turned right around and came home. Boo. So, they offered to watch him and so now I am excitedly thinking of what I can do. Stop by the store, go to the bookstore like I planned...the GYM maybe? I haven't been to the gym alone in what seems like forever, but is really only a couple months actually....but STILL. SO excited. It's amazing the things you can squeeze in when you are only given a small amount of time.

Alright I have a baby to feed and pack up to head on out. Isn't it sad how this has just about made my Friday? Small pleasures in life, I tell you.

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