Monday, August 31, 2009

7 mile run tonight? Fine.

So I have to run 7 miles tonight. My 1/2 marathon training started last Monday...and I totally skipped my long run (being 7-8 miles) yesterday. So now I'm stuck with it today. The husband is going to help a friend put in some floors in his new house, and his house just so happens to be 7 miles away. Yey for me! Haha. So, I guess that's what needs to be done. Lord knows it will be sloowww, with some walking thrown in there for sure. But whatever. I know I can do it, it will just be way slower than ever before. I don't actually WANT to do it, seeing as it's the end of the day and I'd rather just make some dinner and watch tv...but I'll be happy that I did it.

Anyway, it always seems that when I get on here to post something, the baby is suddenly hungry. So I must go stop him from his eating his hand, which is shoved pretty far into his mouth right now.

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