Monday, December 14, 2009

First Big Running Race After Baby

This past weekend was my first half marathon after having Logan. Exactly 5 months later! He did not come with us (tear) and stayed with the Mike's mom instead. I missed him like crazy, but it was great to get away for a while. It was in Tucson...I had never been there but it seemed nice! We weren't really there long enough to do anything, but the scenery was beautiful. Apparantley it's one of the
most beautiful marathons in the country.

Aaaanyway...the race was mainly downhill and is a pretty popular Boston qualifier because of this. I'll admit, I didn't really train all that well...missed some key workouts and long runs. Whatever, I still kicked more ass than I thought I would! I avg'd 9:06 min. miles...I was originally hoping for 9:15s and thought even that was pushing it. But, as always, race day for me is always different, meaning, I run way faster than I anticipate! Maybe I don't give myself enough credit, or maybe I just don't train as hard as a could. Who the hell knows.

We started at 7am (ummm hello?) which was way too freaking early. We drove into Tucson (miserable 7 hr drive booo) and so I was still tired from that, and from lack of sleep even without baby in town. I just kept waking up expecting to hear a little Logey crying. The bused dropped us off at our start, and we didn't even get to wait in the bus. They just kicked us out into the cold and sid have fun! At least there were heaters set up outside, even though you couldn't find a spot close enough to warm your behind. Damn Tucson natives are babies to the cold. As usual, the lines for the porta potties were endless. I managed to pee once using the "facility"...and then had to go again (damn coffee...). So, since there was a fence pretty much every where you turned, we all just popped squats next to each other. Pretty funny actually...a group of women huddles together peeing, a guy coming up and seeing us and pretending he saw nothing and discreetley turning to pee on his own...ah the comeraderie....

Once we got running the sun came up. I got to about mile 10 before I started to hurt a tad...but no biggie. I know I started out slow the first half, and really gased it the second half. I passed numbers of people at the end...if only I had run that fast the whole way. Not all that upset, however, since I started with no warmup and fuuuhhhreeeezing. Maybe next time I'll warm up and have some better training under my belt. All I know is that when I turned the corner and saw the clock, I was so freakin' excited to see 1:59! Wasn't expecting that! For those of you wondering, I do not wear a watch. Ever. It makes me anxious and causes me to backfire. I prefer to run based on how I feel, not on the numbers I see. It has always worked better for me.

Anywho, great race, great weekend! Totally pumped.

See y'all next time.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Starting to run faster...

Heyyyy there. So, I'm amping up for my 1/2 Mary next Sunday (hahah, "amping" up, funny). I'm not totally ready nor trained well enough. Not until the last couple months was I able to get into it and really feel like I was improving and getting faster. Drrr. Guess that comes with losing weight and getting used to having a baby around. Anyway, so I am just now starting to get faster, but unfortunately the race is almost upon me sooo I will just have to suck it up and run my best! Maybe in the spring I will find another 1/2 to do and see how that goes? I mean, I will have the base so it should go better than this one did.

Also, going home for X-mas soon! Yey! Really excited! I still call it home, mostly bc I have called it home for 25 why stop now? Things are great here, Mike and I are really enjoying Logan and the holiday season. I'm going to get us skiing more this year, and get my parents out here to ski Taos and Angelfire. Should be awesome!

Alright it's so damn late, what am I doing up? Goodnight all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sleep? What's that?

So, it's been 2-3 weeks now of baby not sleeping at all during the night. He wakes up numerous times a night. At first I thought it was because he was stuck on his belly and couldn't move, because he isn't always hungry. But then sometimes I end up feeding him because nothing will calm him down. A few times I have fallen asleep with him on my shoulder in the rocking chair...has he become one of those kids that needs to be picked up all the time? I hope not! Maybe he's teething...? All I know is I am walking around like a zombie. AHHH! I can't imagine going to work like this, and I'm not quite sure what I'll do once I do go back probably starting in December.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all celebs and could hire a full-time nanny to feed our babies and get up in the middle of the night with them? No wonder people like Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba look so refreshed and make it all look so easy. BOOOOOOO. No fair.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Early Christmas Decorating

Like I said, I already started decorating for X-mas...

Since we don't do Thanksgiving at our house there is no reason for me to have T-Giving stuff out, right?

Plus...for this year...I want to get into the festive mood early. I am looking forward to going to Mass. for X-mas so I'm overly excited in general...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday is for relaxing, and long runs? Uhhh...

Hey all. So, this is a nice Sunday morning. Had the usual wake-ups last night what with Logan rolling onto his belly and getting stuck, and then needing to eat around 2:30am...then Mike's alarm blairing at 5am and waking ALL of us up. He's really got to figure something else out...or at least turn that thing down. So, Mike got up and went for a 20 mile run and I am just hanging out here! It's cold out there; he must be miserable! AAAND it even snowed a little bit last night, yeyyy! Love it.

I started some Christmas decorating already, but I don't think it's too early because it will be here before we know it! We have a busy December: a trip to Tucson, a trip to Vegas, and a trip back east for the holidays. AGGH. So much. Maybe I can finagle my way out of one of them? I wanted to be rested and relaxed for the trip home but that might not happen...oh well. Tucson is the 1/2 marathon for me and marathon for Mike. I'm really dragging in my training. It's just so boring to run for longer than an hour by yourself, ya know? I could do speed work any day as it is variable and quicker than a long run...those long runs kill me with boredom...which is why I have been slacking on them. I really need to get a few more of them in before the race. The thing is, I know I can run the 13.1 just fine. And not at a bad pace either. At this point, though, I am not in good enough shape to get anywhere near my PR (1:47), so even if I really push it in my training I will only take off a couple seconds, maybe. Basically, I am just doing this to get in shape and finish the race etc etc. I don't have the base down to run much faster. Maybe in the spring I'll be ready to try and close in on that PR. We'll see.

New necklace above is at my shop. (something is wrong with my link thing? Hmm I don't know.)

Have a great Sunday :-)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Men are babies!

So, this is a funny video about a guy going through the same pain as a woman in labor. It's not really the same...seeing as most first-time moms are in labor wayyy longer than he is. He gets the general idea, though, and the fact that he doesn't want to go on shows men are babies! Hahaha!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Running, Dogs, Worry-Mom

What's up my friends? I made some curtains out of some red french toile, oohhh I love french toile, they came out pretty good! Pics are above. Oh, and some other picture of me doing a tree-pose. I'm not even into yoga? It's too slow for me, I get bored. Anywho.

So I did a 4 by 1 mile repeat workout yesterday, and my legs hurt. I didn't finish it due to stomach cramping - I cut my cool down short. I didn't do so badly, actually, I'm finally starting to be able to run a weeee bit faster without being in immense pain lol! I'm also down in weight, which is cool. Hopefully that will keep coming off, but for now, I am pretty happy with where I'm at!

I was thinking about something, and thought I'd ask...does becoming a mom make you a worry-wart? For exmaple, Logan will be laying on the floor and the dogs will come galavanting into the house and I will jump and lunge in front of L so he doesn't get trampled. Before, I probably would have just said "meeehhh he's fine! needs a bump or two!". Now? Not so much. I am like, "STOP THE DOGS. OMG!!!!" Have I lost my mind? Granted, our bigger dog does weigh about 90 that could do some damage.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Subbing and Oral Fixations

Hey all I haven't been around this week really, been busy. So, not that any of you care, but we FINALLY got internet and a home phone here - we were stealing internet from the neighbors and it hardly ever worked properly. It took me forever to upload pics, download songs, and do pretty much anything. So, now we're like a normal household! WOW!

Oh, and guess what?! I am so happy, I am going to substitute teach for Albuquerque Public Schools! I applied in hopes I would get the job, but didn't really have my heart set on it because APS is a HUGE district, and there are a LOT of teachers, so it would have been easy for me to fall through the cracks. However, something must have caught their eye because I'm going in for orientation next week! It's a great gig because I can do do it part time - but now I am looking for day care for L. There's always this issue of how expensive it is and if it's worth it...but I am going to see a place this morning where the girl gave me a reasonable price and she sounded nice. So we'll go check it all out and see if it's doable. After numerous calculations I have concluded that I will indeed be making money and not putting ourselves in the hole (like I hear what happens to many moms who go back to work...) So that's good right? Maybe some money to actually DO stuff with, and buy myself some new jeans considering I wear the same pair every day. Jeans with a hole in the crotch probably aren't acceptable dress code...

Alright, time to get on the wagon for the day. Logan is sitting in his infant chair watching me, with his fingers/hands/fists shoved down his throat. I swear to god, this kid maybe goes 5 minutes a day with his hands out of his mouth. The rest of the time it's this weird and ridiculous oral fixation. He basically doesn't use the binkie any more. Any one else have experience with this? I guess it's normal, but it's still odd.

Have a great Thursday. Get decorating for Thanksgiving! I kind of skip all that and go straight to Christmas...what? I like it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing to say Friday

I have nothing to say today. Don't know why. Just been one of those weeks. Not a bad week, just another week. Just another week in the life of a growing baby, a house that needs cleaning, a dishwasher to be emptied, errands to be know how it goes. It snowed here in New Mexico which is crazy. That is something I miss so much about New England. I love gray days when the snow falls down and blankets the ground and trees. We're going home for Christmas, so hopefully there will be some white stuff then. Halloween is Saturday. Ya know, I don't even like Halloween now that I am older (wow, like 25 is that old). What I mean is, it was fun dressing up in crazy (barely there?) costumes in college, but not I just think it's a nuisance to keep opening the door for kids who just want more candy so that they can just be more off the wall and get even MORE fat (wow, that was mean). Plus, our dogs go nuts every time someone knocks on our door. Oh well. Lord knows we have many more years of Halloween to participate in. For now, we can get away with dressing the squirt up in costumes that he doesn't care much about.

Have a lovely weekend, Halloween, etc!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Etsy Jewels on a New Monday

I finally got some pictures uploaded of new jewelry. They'll soon be listed in my shop - so watch out for them. It's hard to get things done around here with (two) males taking up most of my time. Yikes. What will life be like when Logan is big? I'm scared to even think about it. That's not even factoring in the probability of us having another kid. OHHH MAN. AHHH!

Anywhooo, look below for some new stuff. I'm trying to get inventory up for Christmas! Watcha think?

Alllright, so, it's almost an end to another Monday. :::sigh::: I got away with sitting here in silence while baby slept - I think he was catching up on a couple days of wakefulness and crabiness! Were both men in my life crabby this weekend? Ummm kinda. Yet another :::sigh::: I'm still riding my happy wave as best as I can, though! I hope you all have a great week. We'll catch back up soon.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time to Simplify Life

Cafes line the streets in Copenhagen...that's right up my alley.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is pretty trendy - my friend dresses like this in the States, and sometimes turns some heads in confusion.

I am on a happy kick, aren't I? I swear, I will get back to posting my newest jewelry tomorrow, but I have a busy day today before we go to a football game. Sooo, I was watching Oprah today, a re-run (that I am able to record with DirectTv, LOVE it!), and she was talking about different places around the world. What really drew me in was her trip to Copenhagen, where the "happiest people on earth live" statistically. Now, I don't know if you all like Oprah or not, and I do think that she is on a little bit of a power trip, but I watch her nonetheless.

So, Denmark is a happy place. Health care and school are paid for, students are paid to go to University, women get 6 months to a year of maternity leave. People are out of work between 4 and 5 to have family time because that is of great importance to them. If you lose your job the government helps you find another one. Hmmm. Sounds like the opposite of America. No wonder they're all happy!

I think a lot of places in Europe are happy. It used to be that the States were the place to be, but I'm not so sure that's the case anymore. I have a friend who is Danish, and she travels to Denmark frequently. No wonder she is pretty happy, loves coffee, and enjoys her studies (currently looking to be a nurse). They simplify life over there - less things, less space, more LIFE!

Do you guys agree that "over there" seems like a great place to reside? Or do you think it's ludacris that they don't pay for school, healthcare, etc? It sounds appealing to me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

10 things that make me happy

Someone suggested I do this - it's always nice to see what makes other people happy. Maybe it will help you remember what makes YOU happy!

1. Being creative - using my hands to do anything, whether it is drawing, painting, decorating...basically creating anything.

2. Fall - I love the colors of the fall, especially in New England. The leaves turn anywhere from red, to orange, to yellow...

3. A good book - there's nothing like relaxing (if you can find the time) with a good read...

4. Swedish Christmas - I grew up with a Swedish Christmas Eve. I love the food, the rustic decorations, the Akvavit. It's an awesome celebration of life and people.

5. A Summer Swim - Diving into a cold lake, pool, pond in the summer is one of the best things in the world. Refreshing and fun...try to act like a kid again.

6. Ski Resorts - Is there anything better than shacking up in a hotel/cabin, using an outdoor pool, going skiing, staying cozy...all while other people clean your room and serve you food? I think not.

7. Wine with Mom and Gummie - Although I can't do it anymore, I love sitting outside in the summer, or inside in the winter, and having a glass of wine with my mom and grandmother. No better way for three generations to get together and talk.

8. Hot Chocolate - A hot mug of hot cocoa on a cold afternoon is always special, if you make it that way.

9. White snowy mountains - I love driving up and into huge, snow-topped mountains. It's breathtaking and somehow makes me feel at home.

10. Breaking a good sweat - getting out and releasing stress, feeling strong, and sweating a little (or a lot) is key to my happiness.

What makes you happy? Think about it, and maybe create your own list. It's funny how really simple things make you happy. I think we need to focus on the smaller things, stop racing through life, and live with more fulfillment from the little things around us.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Jewelry in Etsy Shop

Thanks for all the comments, emails, suggestions from my last post. I really was/am at a crossroads. I guess it's tough, and sometimes I don't give myself any credit. It's hard when you live with someone (a guy...?) who doesn't always understand. All men are different, some more sympathetic than others...such is life. Just roll with the punches, I guess. I did like Grove's idea of childcare...that's something to think about. Oh, and Grove my email is - send me your address so I can send you the book.

Rainy here in NM, which is great because we never get any! I have a new jewelry set for you all to check out. It's here in my shop. The necklace is pictured below, you can see the earrings in my Etsy shop.
Ohhh wow. This will be short, funny how babies don't want you to do anything that means not paying attention to THEM. Someone is crying my name, lol.

See ya!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Work and Daycare? Or not?

Just a pic of Logan and dad at Tent Rock

Hello people! I forgot to post the winner of the giveaway yesterday - probably because only two people responded. Hahahaha, sooo the winner is GroveDesigns Co! Yeyyy! You'll be getting a free book in the mail - I will need to get your address. :-)

Thanks for the comments the other day on my bled into today as well. Agghh. Logan is 3 months old, for those of you who asked. Here is the latest dilemma. I am not working yet, but I am wondering if I should even look for a job in the first place? I know that with me working, my paycheck (probably the entire thing) would end up going toward daycare or a babysitter. So, we will end up in the same spot we are now, financially. I am currently looking to work from home by designing jewelry and doing some freelance writing. Me being at home seems like the better idea, but the husband doesn't think so. I don't think he gets that we'd gain nothing from me being out of the house, except for some "me" time, which I can easily find by heading to the gym or dropping Logan off at the in-laws. If anything, we'd probably ultimately be making LESS money if we sent him to daycare. What are your thoughts? How should I approach this debate with the spouse? I'm having a really hard time figuring things out!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

An end to a weekend, running and fatigue

some art today from an Etsy artist

I had a breakdown today. Who knows why. Oh, maybe because I'm tired? Why am I SO tired? I really dont know why. I am making new jewelry, writing new articles for some websites I write for, training for a race, and trying to get through every day. Yet, still I feel messed up. I'm sad, I'm mad, I cry, I this all post-partum junk? Because really, I'm tired of it, people. Please tell me that it will end. I know I'm not nuts, but I need to get a grip. Things will beeeee ok. Anywho, I'm here watching HGTV, hubbyooo fell asleep watching football (is any Sunday any different?). I hope you all had a great weekend. Tomorrow is another day. Some inspiration for your life is above...

Speaking of today, Mike ran the Duke City 1/2 Marathon today for fun, and ran a 1:29:02. Yeyyy! A NM PR, the altitude has killed him since we moved here, but he finally ran really well, and is stoked for our race in Tucson in Dec. He's doing the full and I'm doing the 1/2. Only reason he's doing the full is to qualify for the Boston Marathon again, but me? Ha, the 1/2 is just enough for post-baby. Maybe a full is in the cards for later on...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Evening Without the Boys

I escaped my house. It is saturday night, and I have left the boys at home. We got home from doing "errands" all day, more like driving aimlessly around until my back was stiff and I was overly cranky. I got home, went for a run, took a shower, and informed Mike that I was going to go out for a while. He didn't protest so I grabbed my computer and ran. Sometimes I just need to get away. Every now and again I feel a little claustrophobic. I've had a headache lately. Kind of anxious for no apparent reason. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be single again. Meaning, no significant other, no baby, no in-laws up the road...I would be free to do anything?! I don't think you ever really realize the freedom you have until you have another little being depending on you. No more stopping by the gym because I happen to be out, no more spontaneous outtings to go hike up the mountain, no more reading a book in peace. This doesn't mean I am unhappy, it is just interesting to think about. A couple hours to myself, like tonight, is like gold. I can think without worrying when the baby will start to get antsy, or that the bathroom should really get cleaned, or why why WHY do men (or just mine?) forget how to do their own laundry.

Okay, aside from all that, I am relishing in this free time. It makes me so much happier to go home and see my smiling baby who is getting pudgier by the day. Life isn't bad. Life has gotten more complex, thus requiring special time for myself. If I don't alot such time, I'd lose my marbles. So, if any can relate to this, get some time to yourself before you go off your rocker for some little insignificant thing. Sounds silly but it's SO important!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Art and Jewelry Photos

A recent painting of mine...

Another painting by yours truly...

A print from a lovely Etsian...

My latest necklace...

Have a great weekend my friends, be happy, be healthy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Four-Strand Necklace

This is a new necklace I managed to get done even with all of our company around. Now, they are gone, and hopefully I will be able to get more work done! The necklace is available in my shop - have a look! Do you like the glass? I personally think glass is great to work with because it catches light beautifully...and we all like a little sparkle, don't we?

Nora Roberts Book Giveaway.

On this insignificant Wednesday, I have decided to do a giveaway. Do you all like books? I love books! And I need some new (great) ones to read! SO. Why not a giveaway? I'm going to present a fluffy, romantic, mindless book this time. A Nora Roberts book. Her books are great for a quick and fun read, as they are nothing deep and thought provoking (except for maybe unrealistic romantic thoughts since you know your husband or significant other won't be literally sweeping you off your feet any time soon). Anyway, it's called Vision in White and you can read about it HERE to get the gist of what it's about. If you're interested in it, just post a comment with your favorite book OR author. (I'm going to do something with all the books/authors you suggest - create a mini bookstore for us all to browse :-0) I'll let this run for 4 days, and then announce the winner on Monday morning.

Yeyyy for lovey dovey books. Next time I'll choose something intellectual.

some morning joe and paper...

in bed...

....with baby...

Have a happy day ~


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quick wknd check-in

Hi there! This is what we've been doing over the past few time to talk to now but I'll be back soon once all our guests are gone.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pretty Glass and Crystals

A shot of the aspens ~ from our weekend in Angelfire, NM

Afternoon all! It's a beautiful day here in NM. I had some free time to myself this morning because our visitors went up to the hot springs, so I was able to work on new jewelry and and do a bit of laundry. In a while I'll scoop our little man up and head to the gym. I didn't get my workout in yesterday due to our guests...okay it's not their fault but I am going to blame them anyway. We went up to Santa Fe and ate and drank (wine) instead. Not so bad, right? Well I'm back on the wagon today, and here is my latest...

it's here in my Etsy shop now....!

And I was tinkering around and came across these cute earrings ~ dainty and light, they look like they'd be great for everyday wear! Don't ya agree?

Alright, have great weekend all!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Icey Jewels

Something my shop.

Ummmmm some Momversation video blabber

Found this interesting video on Momversation. (Love those ladies over there). How to prepare for a 2nd child. Not that we're thinking of that right now, but it will happen eventually. I'm good with one, for now. Anyhow, check it out.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Post from yesterday, interrupted by hurricane (Mike) arriving home

Sleep, where did you go? I had you for a few nights, and you went away. Oh sleep, I miss you so. I've never missed something so much as you, sleep. But it's alright, I can live, as many others before me have. I'll continue on my merry way, and maybe someday you'll pop on over again. In the meantime, baby Logan is full-bellied and happy and sleepy himself, and that is all I could really ask for. Rather that than a cranky, sleepless, colicky baby, right?

I headed to the gym with the little guy for a quick 3 mile run and a shortened power-hour. (Haha, power-hour is what Mike and I used to do when we were single and childless; an all out lift seshhhh for an hour. These days? More like a power-half hour.) I still have separation issues when I bring him to the daycare. I left him there today and walked out, closed the door, and stood behind it looking back in on if I really needed to double check? It's not like he was going anywhere, or the certified babysitter ladies were going to run out the back door with him. I'll get over it, I swear. Especially when he hits his own separation anxiety thing at about 6-8 months or so, I hear.

My workout was good, but I am totally exhausted and not sure why. I didn't kick my butt too much, so who knows. My body has been rebelling lately in many ways, so this is just a probable side-effect. Boooo.

Alright, time to eat before the (other) man gets home. Maybe I'll even get to watch something other than Monday night football for a little bit here.

Have a good one ~ signing off.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New jewelry shtufffff, and running and babies, oh my!

New items in my Etsy shop ~ have a look!

And on another note...I have to go do my track workout on the treadmill once Mike gets home. 3 by (800 by 600 by 600), 90 sec rest, 5 min. rest between sets. I actually don't mind these because I can get through 800s and 600s no problem. It's like, such a short period of intense work isn't so bad, right? Granted, after the first 800 I do have 8 more 800/600s to go. It's helping with my turnover, though, and I am running faster these days...finally! It's not such a struggle to get my legs chugging, as it was a few weeks ago. Wish me luck, I'll let you all know how it goes.

Aaaaand on yet another note - Logey is getting to be a big boy ;-) Dad's here saying, time to walk buddy! Now that's a scary thought...

Hope y'all had a great wknd! I'll be back to check in later this week...



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