Friday, October 23, 2009

10 things that make me happy

Someone suggested I do this - it's always nice to see what makes other people happy. Maybe it will help you remember what makes YOU happy!

1. Being creative - using my hands to do anything, whether it is drawing, painting, decorating...basically creating anything.

2. Fall - I love the colors of the fall, especially in New England. The leaves turn anywhere from red, to orange, to yellow...

3. A good book - there's nothing like relaxing (if you can find the time) with a good read...

4. Swedish Christmas - I grew up with a Swedish Christmas Eve. I love the food, the rustic decorations, the Akvavit. It's an awesome celebration of life and people.

5. A Summer Swim - Diving into a cold lake, pool, pond in the summer is one of the best things in the world. Refreshing and fun...try to act like a kid again.

6. Ski Resorts - Is there anything better than shacking up in a hotel/cabin, using an outdoor pool, going skiing, staying cozy...all while other people clean your room and serve you food? I think not.

7. Wine with Mom and Gummie - Although I can't do it anymore, I love sitting outside in the summer, or inside in the winter, and having a glass of wine with my mom and grandmother. No better way for three generations to get together and talk.

8. Hot Chocolate - A hot mug of hot cocoa on a cold afternoon is always special, if you make it that way.

9. White snowy mountains - I love driving up and into huge, snow-topped mountains. It's breathtaking and somehow makes me feel at home.

10. Breaking a good sweat - getting out and releasing stress, feeling strong, and sweating a little (or a lot) is key to my happiness.

What makes you happy? Think about it, and maybe create your own list. It's funny how really simple things make you happy. I think we need to focus on the smaller things, stop racing through life, and live with more fulfillment from the little things around us.


  1. I'm bored today and on facebook alot... I like your post, I like the pics you added.... I'll have to think of a list.. I started a boring blog, but its nothing to write home about yet (no pun intended) LOL Thanks for the post idea! :)

  2. I agree! The simple things in life make me the most happy. Right now I am sitting here with a delicious hot cocoa. :)

  3. i love food! i love that three of your things are food! YAY!

  4. of course they are! I would have more, but then I'd look like a fattie.


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