Monday, October 5, 2009

Post from yesterday, interrupted by hurricane (Mike) arriving home

Sleep, where did you go? I had you for a few nights, and you went away. Oh sleep, I miss you so. I've never missed something so much as you, sleep. But it's alright, I can live, as many others before me have. I'll continue on my merry way, and maybe someday you'll pop on over again. In the meantime, baby Logan is full-bellied and happy and sleepy himself, and that is all I could really ask for. Rather that than a cranky, sleepless, colicky baby, right?

I headed to the gym with the little guy for a quick 3 mile run and a shortened power-hour. (Haha, power-hour is what Mike and I used to do when we were single and childless; an all out lift seshhhh for an hour. These days? More like a power-half hour.) I still have separation issues when I bring him to the daycare. I left him there today and walked out, closed the door, and stood behind it looking back in on if I really needed to double check? It's not like he was going anywhere, or the certified babysitter ladies were going to run out the back door with him. I'll get over it, I swear. Especially when he hits his own separation anxiety thing at about 6-8 months or so, I hear.

My workout was good, but I am totally exhausted and not sure why. I didn't kick my butt too much, so who knows. My body has been rebelling lately in many ways, so this is just a probable side-effect. Boooo.

Alright, time to eat before the (other) man gets home. Maybe I'll even get to watch something other than Monday night football for a little bit here.

Have a good one ~ signing off.

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