Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing to say Friday

I have nothing to say today. Don't know why. Just been one of those weeks. Not a bad week, just another week. Just another week in the life of a growing baby, a house that needs cleaning, a dishwasher to be emptied, errands to be know how it goes. It snowed here in New Mexico which is crazy. That is something I miss so much about New England. I love gray days when the snow falls down and blankets the ground and trees. We're going home for Christmas, so hopefully there will be some white stuff then. Halloween is Saturday. Ya know, I don't even like Halloween now that I am older (wow, like 25 is that old). What I mean is, it was fun dressing up in crazy (barely there?) costumes in college, but not I just think it's a nuisance to keep opening the door for kids who just want more candy so that they can just be more off the wall and get even MORE fat (wow, that was mean). Plus, our dogs go nuts every time someone knocks on our door. Oh well. Lord knows we have many more years of Halloween to participate in. For now, we can get away with dressing the squirt up in costumes that he doesn't care much about.

Have a lovely weekend, Halloween, etc!

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  1. I am not a big halloween person either...although I do like giving out candy. I am a HUGE Christmas person...already started my shopping. :) I live in NY and love the makes everything so cozy. :)


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