Sunday, October 18, 2009

An end to a weekend, running and fatigue

some art today from an Etsy artist

I had a breakdown today. Who knows why. Oh, maybe because I'm tired? Why am I SO tired? I really dont know why. I am making new jewelry, writing new articles for some websites I write for, training for a race, and trying to get through every day. Yet, still I feel messed up. I'm sad, I'm mad, I cry, I this all post-partum junk? Because really, I'm tired of it, people. Please tell me that it will end. I know I'm not nuts, but I need to get a grip. Things will beeeee ok. Anywho, I'm here watching HGTV, hubbyooo fell asleep watching football (is any Sunday any different?). I hope you all had a great weekend. Tomorrow is another day. Some inspiration for your life is above...

Speaking of today, Mike ran the Duke City 1/2 Marathon today for fun, and ran a 1:29:02. Yeyyy! A NM PR, the altitude has killed him since we moved here, but he finally ran really well, and is stoked for our race in Tucson in Dec. He's doing the full and I'm doing the 1/2. Only reason he's doing the full is to qualify for the Boston Marathon again, but me? Ha, the 1/2 is just enough for post-baby. Maybe a full is in the cards for later on...


  1. will end. :) How old is your little guy? For me, it took at least 3 months until I started to feel normal again. It was definitely harder with my first.

    I had a few friends who had a particularly rough time and went to see their doctor about it and talk.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. :)

  2. Lisbet, I'm 13 months post, and still have my days when I struggle. Do you take fish oils? I found with Bfeeding, little man sucked all the nutrition out of me. High quality fish oil improved my energy and my outlook. Just a thought. Sending you big hugs from Vt.


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