Saturday, October 17, 2009

Evening Without the Boys

I escaped my house. It is saturday night, and I have left the boys at home. We got home from doing "errands" all day, more like driving aimlessly around until my back was stiff and I was overly cranky. I got home, went for a run, took a shower, and informed Mike that I was going to go out for a while. He didn't protest so I grabbed my computer and ran. Sometimes I just need to get away. Every now and again I feel a little claustrophobic. I've had a headache lately. Kind of anxious for no apparent reason. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be single again. Meaning, no significant other, no baby, no in-laws up the road...I would be free to do anything?! I don't think you ever really realize the freedom you have until you have another little being depending on you. No more stopping by the gym because I happen to be out, no more spontaneous outtings to go hike up the mountain, no more reading a book in peace. This doesn't mean I am unhappy, it is just interesting to think about. A couple hours to myself, like tonight, is like gold. I can think without worrying when the baby will start to get antsy, or that the bathroom should really get cleaned, or why why WHY do men (or just mine?) forget how to do their own laundry.

Okay, aside from all that, I am relishing in this free time. It makes me so much happier to go home and see my smiling baby who is getting pudgier by the day. Life isn't bad. Life has gotten more complex, thus requiring special time for myself. If I don't alot such time, I'd lose my marbles. So, if any can relate to this, get some time to yourself before you go off your rocker for some little insignificant thing. Sounds silly but it's SO important!


  1. I think that alone time is so important. My favorite place to go is the bookstore. I grab my Starbucks and then walk around and browse. It is so relaxing for me. :)

  2. I completely understand and agree.
    Congrats on the free time, make the most of it when you can get it!


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