Monday, October 26, 2009

New Etsy Jewels on a New Monday

I finally got some pictures uploaded of new jewelry. They'll soon be listed in my shop - so watch out for them. It's hard to get things done around here with (two) males taking up most of my time. Yikes. What will life be like when Logan is big? I'm scared to even think about it. That's not even factoring in the probability of us having another kid. OHHH MAN. AHHH!

Anywhooo, look below for some new stuff. I'm trying to get inventory up for Christmas! Watcha think?

Alllright, so, it's almost an end to another Monday. :::sigh::: I got away with sitting here in silence while baby slept - I think he was catching up on a couple days of wakefulness and crabiness! Were both men in my life crabby this weekend? Ummm kinda. Yet another :::sigh::: I'm still riding my happy wave as best as I can, though! I hope you all have a great week. We'll catch back up soon.


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