Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Work and Daycare? Or not?

Just a pic of Logan and dad at Tent Rock

Hello people! I forgot to post the winner of the giveaway yesterday - probably because only two people responded. Hahahaha, sooo the winner is GroveDesigns Co! Yeyyy! You'll be getting a free book in the mail - I will need to get your address. :-)

Thanks for the comments the other day on my breakdown...it bled into today as well. Agghh. Logan is 3 months old, for those of you who asked. Here is the latest dilemma. I am not working yet, but I am wondering if I should even look for a job in the first place? I know that with me working, my paycheck (probably the entire thing) would end up going toward daycare or a babysitter. So, we will end up in the same spot we are now, financially. I am currently looking to work from home by designing jewelry and doing some freelance writing. Me being at home seems like the better idea, but the husband doesn't think so. I don't think he gets that we'd gain nothing from me being out of the house, except for some "me" time, which I can easily find by heading to the gym or dropping Logan off at the in-laws. If anything, we'd probably ultimately be making LESS money if we sent him to daycare. What are your thoughts? How should I approach this debate with the spouse? I'm having a really hard time figuring things out!


  1. Wow really looking forward to the book! Thanks!
    Regarding your daycare issue. I was faced with this with both of my boys. For my oldest I did find an in home sitter that was actually less than traditional daycare and I felt happy that Trevor would be home in his comfort surroundings. With my second I went back to work but found that after factoring in gas, lunches, clothes, and daycare I was paying to work. My solution (and it's definitely not for everyone) was to open a daycare in my home. That way I was home but I also took in about 1/2 my traditional income, best of both worlds.
    Now that my boys are older I have gone back to work but it was a great time (somedays I was pulling out my hair).
    So my only thoughts regarding your husband, I would just list every cost associated with working outside the house, those numbers should do the trick.

  2. If you can live simply and stay home with him, do so. Just make sure you are involved in playgroups, etc., for your sanity and his socialization. L LOVES daycare. He loves his friends there. It's amazing how much they like to socialize at such an early age. Who knew? It blows my mind what they do - art, music, and more even with infants. Baking bread at age 1. There is no right or wrong, just different. Let the right opportunity come to you. It's not just about the finances, if you can help it.

  3. Hmmm, all good points. I thought of doing childcare of my own, that way I'd be in my own house AND making some $. Then again, lots of people have told me that, even at a young age, kids love daycare. So...maybe this could be the best of both worlds - like you said Grove? Thanks for the suggestions...


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