Friday, October 9, 2009

Pretty Glass and Crystals

A shot of the aspens ~ from our weekend in Angelfire, NM

Afternoon all! It's a beautiful day here in NM. I had some free time to myself this morning because our visitors went up to the hot springs, so I was able to work on new jewelry and and do a bit of laundry. In a while I'll scoop our little man up and head to the gym. I didn't get my workout in yesterday due to our guests...okay it's not their fault but I am going to blame them anyway. We went up to Santa Fe and ate and drank (wine) instead. Not so bad, right? Well I'm back on the wagon today, and here is my latest...

it's here in my Etsy shop now....!

And I was tinkering around and came across these cute earrings ~ dainty and light, they look like they'd be great for everyday wear! Don't ya agree?

Alright, have great weekend all!

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