Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fat Day

Yes, I am having a fat day. Or...I guess I've been having a fat day for a month or so now, and it will probably only get worse. This whole pregnancy thing is great, but I think I screwed up on the whole weight gain thing. I've gained a bunch of pounds that I am not happy about, and of course have plenty more to gain merely because you can't really control what you gain in the last trimester.

When I found out I was pregnant I was training for a marathon. I was running at least 35 miles a week, which means I was burning approximately 3500 extra calories a week, give or take. Even if I had a light week of 20 miles, that's still 2000 calories. So...I stopped training and decided I had plenty of time in my life to do another marathon. The problem is that I am no longer burning anywhere NEAR that amount of calories per week. I really took a nosedive and am kicking myself for it now. Like really giving myself a good punt. Not only did I stop training that many miles, but I decided it would be a wonderful idea to start eating ice cream like it was my job. HA. I have become obese! Well, not really. But I feel like I am living the life of an obese person. I work out still, and have decided that I will maintain that as long as possible. The eating thing? Well, it's about time I address that. NO more ice cream, no more candy no NOTHING. Before, I could get away with such foods because of my workout regimen, which I am realizing now was pretty intense. (It's amazing-I've realized that I had a pretty hardcore training program going...funny how you just get lost in it.) Sometimes I wonder what my body would have looked like back in the fall of '08 if I hadn't been eating some sweets now and again. I REALLY would have had no boobs!

Anyway, so aside from my obsession with this whole "I'm huge" thing, things are great. I'm taking a great yoga class Thursday nights that I hope will help keep my back from totally giving out on me (owww...that has been a whole different issue I've been dealing with). After I get a couple errands done today I'm going to head to a trail head at Sandia for hike in this beautiful sunny weather, then head to the gym for either some weights or swimming...haven't decided. Later on tonight Mike and I are babysitting our friends kids, Sammy and Noah, while they get out of the house for a while.

Alright, I am off, and will try to get this weight gain thing under control. Or maybe just my mentality about it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tired and happy ;-)

So, I am in Massachusetts visiting family and friends...tomorrow is my last day here then it's back to NM. We had a baby shower today which was great because I was able to see all the people I haven't seen in a while. I got great gifts! Now I just need to figure out how to get it all home. Gummie gave me two WONDERFUL paintings. One of which is one she did of orange daffodils that is just beautiful (watercolor). The other is also watercolor, and had been in my parent's house up until now. It is of me, walking in front of hanging laundry outside, my mouth wide open (as usual). I must have been about 1 yr and a half old. Classic picture, and I can't wait to put it up in the house...or maybe Logan's room. That way he can look up at it and know it's mommy! Alright, probably not until he's older, but I'm so happy to have it in my possession now.

Logan has been kicking up a storm in there lately! In the last week he must have gotten stronger because he is really booting me at night. I lay in bed and can't sleep, so I get up to walk around so he stops, but then he resumes once I lay down again. At least I know I have strong baby in there! Gummie claims I got bigger while I was here, which was a week. If so that is scary, because I have three more months to get even bigger. Yikes. By then I'll be te size of a house. I am actually looking forward to losing the post-baby weight and doing all that I can to get back in shape. Of course I will not force anything, but this excess weight is something new to me.

Nothing else all that exciting. I'm just trucking along trying to stay healthy and active (granted, this week was a bust). I'll be back with more later!


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