Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fat Day

Yes, I am having a fat day. Or...I guess I've been having a fat day for a month or so now, and it will probably only get worse. This whole pregnancy thing is great, but I think I screwed up on the whole weight gain thing. I've gained a bunch of pounds that I am not happy about, and of course have plenty more to gain merely because you can't really control what you gain in the last trimester.

When I found out I was pregnant I was training for a marathon. I was running at least 35 miles a week, which means I was burning approximately 3500 extra calories a week, give or take. Even if I had a light week of 20 miles, that's still 2000 calories. So...I stopped training and decided I had plenty of time in my life to do another marathon. The problem is that I am no longer burning anywhere NEAR that amount of calories per week. I really took a nosedive and am kicking myself for it now. Like really giving myself a good punt. Not only did I stop training that many miles, but I decided it would be a wonderful idea to start eating ice cream like it was my job. HA. I have become obese! Well, not really. But I feel like I am living the life of an obese person. I work out still, and have decided that I will maintain that as long as possible. The eating thing? Well, it's about time I address that. NO more ice cream, no more candy no NOTHING. Before, I could get away with such foods because of my workout regimen, which I am realizing now was pretty intense. (It's amazing-I've realized that I had a pretty hardcore training program going...funny how you just get lost in it.) Sometimes I wonder what my body would have looked like back in the fall of '08 if I hadn't been eating some sweets now and again. I REALLY would have had no boobs!

Anyway, so aside from my obsession with this whole "I'm huge" thing, things are great. I'm taking a great yoga class Thursday nights that I hope will help keep my back from totally giving out on me (owww...that has been a whole different issue I've been dealing with). After I get a couple errands done today I'm going to head to a trail head at Sandia for hike in this beautiful sunny weather, then head to the gym for either some weights or swimming...haven't decided. Later on tonight Mike and I are babysitting our friends kids, Sammy and Noah, while they get out of the house for a while.

Alright, I am off, and will try to get this weight gain thing under control. Or maybe just my mentality about it.


  1. dude! you are prego....you are allowed to be a fat kid! I know that after you have the kid you are going to set a world record for how fast you lose it.


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