Monday, December 14, 2009

First Big Running Race After Baby

This past weekend was my first half marathon after having Logan. Exactly 5 months later! He did not come with us (tear) and stayed with the Mike's mom instead. I missed him like crazy, but it was great to get away for a while. It was in Tucson...I had never been there but it seemed nice! We weren't really there long enough to do anything, but the scenery was beautiful. Apparantley it's one of the
most beautiful marathons in the country.

Aaaanyway...the race was mainly downhill and is a pretty popular Boston qualifier because of this. I'll admit, I didn't really train all that well...missed some key workouts and long runs. Whatever, I still kicked more ass than I thought I would! I avg'd 9:06 min. miles...I was originally hoping for 9:15s and thought even that was pushing it. But, as always, race day for me is always different, meaning, I run way faster than I anticipate! Maybe I don't give myself enough credit, or maybe I just don't train as hard as a could. Who the hell knows.

We started at 7am (ummm hello?) which was way too freaking early. We drove into Tucson (miserable 7 hr drive booo) and so I was still tired from that, and from lack of sleep even without baby in town. I just kept waking up expecting to hear a little Logey crying. The bused dropped us off at our start, and we didn't even get to wait in the bus. They just kicked us out into the cold and sid have fun! At least there were heaters set up outside, even though you couldn't find a spot close enough to warm your behind. Damn Tucson natives are babies to the cold. As usual, the lines for the porta potties were endless. I managed to pee once using the "facility"...and then had to go again (damn coffee...). So, since there was a fence pretty much every where you turned, we all just popped squats next to each other. Pretty funny actually...a group of women huddles together peeing, a guy coming up and seeing us and pretending he saw nothing and discreetley turning to pee on his own...ah the comeraderie....

Once we got running the sun came up. I got to about mile 10 before I started to hurt a tad...but no biggie. I know I started out slow the first half, and really gased it the second half. I passed numbers of people at the end...if only I had run that fast the whole way. Not all that upset, however, since I started with no warmup and fuuuhhhreeeezing. Maybe next time I'll warm up and have some better training under my belt. All I know is that when I turned the corner and saw the clock, I was so freakin' excited to see 1:59! Wasn't expecting that! For those of you wondering, I do not wear a watch. Ever. It makes me anxious and causes me to backfire. I prefer to run based on how I feel, not on the numbers I see. It has always worked better for me.

Anywho, great race, great weekend! Totally pumped.

See y'all next time.


  1. That sounds like an awesome race ! And just 5 months after having a go girl!

  2. So, funny, Lisbet. I hate exercising with a watch, too. So proud of you!! Maybe get a run in over Christmas? I was excited to take some time off over the holiday, but too many sick days with L. Ah, daycare. So we are back up north by Sunday. When do you head home?

  3. where are you?! Last update Dec 15?! Helloooo....don't you know there are bored people out here who need more things to than than refresh facebook?!

  4. Good lord woman....a half 5 months after having your little one. You go! Congrats on a great race.


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