Thursday, December 3, 2009

Starting to run faster...

Heyyyy there. So, I'm amping up for my 1/2 Mary next Sunday (hahah, "amping" up, funny). I'm not totally ready nor trained well enough. Not until the last couple months was I able to get into it and really feel like I was improving and getting faster. Drrr. Guess that comes with losing weight and getting used to having a baby around. Anyway, so I am just now starting to get faster, but unfortunately the race is almost upon me sooo I will just have to suck it up and run my best! Maybe in the spring I will find another 1/2 to do and see how that goes? I mean, I will have the base so it should go better than this one did.

Also, going home for X-mas soon! Yey! Really excited! I still call it home, mostly bc I have called it home for 25 why stop now? Things are great here, Mike and I are really enjoying Logan and the holiday season. I'm going to get us skiing more this year, and get my parents out here to ski Taos and Angelfire. Should be awesome!

Alright it's so damn late, what am I doing up? Goodnight all have a great weekend.

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