Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Running, Dogs, Worry-Mom

What's up my friends? I made some curtains out of some red french toile, oohhh I love french toile, they came out pretty good! Pics are above. Oh, and some other picture of me doing a tree-pose. I'm not even into yoga? It's too slow for me, I get bored. Anywho.

So I did a 4 by 1 mile repeat workout yesterday, and my legs hurt. I didn't finish it due to stomach cramping - I cut my cool down short. I didn't do so badly, actually, I'm finally starting to be able to run a weeee bit faster without being in immense pain lol! I'm also down in weight, which is cool. Hopefully that will keep coming off, but for now, I am pretty happy with where I'm at!

I was thinking about something, and thought I'd ask...does becoming a mom make you a worry-wart? For exmaple, Logan will be laying on the floor and the dogs will come galavanting into the house and I will jump and lunge in front of L so he doesn't get trampled. Before, I probably would have just said "meeehhh he's fine! needs a bump or two!". Now? Not so much. I am like, "STOP THE DOGS. OMG!!!!" Have I lost my mind? Granted, our bigger dog does weigh about 90 that could do some damage.

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