Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ohh, now I'm lonely again!

Booo. My mom left today. It's nice to have the old routine back again, but now I am lonely and sad :-( You kind of get used to having someone in the house, and when they leave, it feels really empty and lonely. Logan and I will have to find things to do to keep us occupied! Walks are getting boring around here because it only takes about 1/2 an hour to get around our whole neighborhood. We'll have to find some new places to go. And I am working on getting his feedings into a certain routine...I want to try and have an idea of WHEN I will be feeding him. We'll see how that works out, babies just do what they do without caring about your schedule I guess.

I'm finally feeling a lot better. As far as how my body feels, I feel great. When I am tired I notice my body feels worse, which makes perfect sense. Also, I am trying to get a gallon of water (or liquids) in me each day: I am failing miserably. I took a used milk jug and fill it with water at the beginning of each day, and try and empty it by the end of the day. I'm getting only 2/3 of the way through if I am lucky. Really gotta get better about that.

Mom got some cute things for our house while she was here, take a look!Cute and colorful rug from Jackalope!

Decorative ladder from Jackalope!

Southwestern pillowcase - you guessed it - from Jackalope!

While she was here we sent out a package to my great Aunt - we sent her some of my handmade soaps, a handmade card, and I designed a new set of earrings for her. I actually ended up really liking them, so I will probably make more of them in varying coin pearls and different drops - maybe some briolettes.

What do you think?
Allllright, anyway, time to go. I have a hungry little man waiting for me.


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  1. The house looks good! Glad you are getting back in the groove.


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