Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just some updates - Saturday

He's gettin' big!

Just sitting here drinking coffee while Dad is out for a fast run in preparation for the NM 1/2 Marathon next weekend...I'll go on my run when he returns...even though I so don't feel like going. But I WILL go just to get out of the house for a bit! By myself!

We have moved Logan to his crib in his room - wow, we have our room back! (kinda) He transitioned more fussing than usual :-) And his room is so close to ours I can easily hear him during the night so no monitor needed. I seem to wake up at every little noise these days, though.

Almost September! Which means a little cooler weather around here! Thank God... I am ready for it. It has just been way too hot, and with spending the hottest months here pregnant and uncomfortable, I am just ready for some cooler weather. But that means I might need to buy some new clothes to fit me, can't really get into my old jeans yet. Bleeeehhh.

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