Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Epiphany - relationships are hard work

HAHA! Okay, so this was not really an epiphany, rather, something I felt like talking about today. Ya know, before I got pregnant my then bf (now husband) and I were just truckin' along having a little bit of a rocky road to say the least. BAM. I get pregnant, and life changes entirely. We are doing really well now, of course, but I do think about the ups and downs of relationships and how they work. I mean, not all couples stay together. And then there are those that are married for 50 years. I don't think that there is a soulmate for us all out there, definitely not! Life is not that spelled out. So, instead of worrying so much we should really just accept every one and take things a little more lightly. The person you marry isn't going to be PERFECT, HELLOOO! I don't know why we're all so uptight these days. People just want want want! And if they don't get what they want they are pissed off. So lame. Our society is reaching a new peak of selfishness. People want like, the perfect marriage and the perfect mate, but come on. Get a grip. All those men who have gotten married recently should be happy they found someone to marry them! Cuz lord knows that these days it's hard to find a good one (guy) out there...

Oh, and speaking of married life, I was talking to a friend about sex and marriage and how to make it more interesting. I mean, when you first meet someone and aren't living together the sex is exciting because you get all dolled up and blah blah. Not that people can't had great sex in marriage, but still, it is an amusing topic. (Remember, lighten up people!) Daphne's video below gave me a chuckle.

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