Monday, August 17, 2009

Kids at a young age

Okay, so, I'm not even a true "young mother" compared to some women out there. I don't think having a baby at 25 is all that young, but I will say that I am the only one out of ALL of my friends that has a baby. None of my girlfriends (and guy friends) can even say the word "relationship" let alone "marriage" and "baby". I mean really, they would drop dead. I find myself in a really odd state of transition. I can't really chat with my friends any more because all I can say is hey I just changed my kid's diaper and he pooped AGAIN! Ohhh and I'm doing the 18th load of laundry this week! Nice! So as I am trying to figure myself out and who I well as keep this baby other friends are thinking about what to wear to the bar tonight.

Interesting momversation discussion here about the topic...take a look at the video, brings up some good points that I personally can relate to. I couldn't get the video embedded, so click on this link and scroll down to "Do you judge young mothers?"

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  1. You can tell me your mommy stories. I dont mind. It will either get me ready to have a kid whenever I'm ready or make me decide not too lol....and you can live vicariously through me by hearing my single life stories :)


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