Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Shit Today!

You should have SEEN what came out of my son yesterday. I mean, it was like nothing I have ever ever ever laid my eyes on before. My husband asked if I took a picture of it, which sadly, I did not. This upset him because he wanted to view this astronomically huge bowel movement. It was actually more the consistency of mud, and bright orange. TMI? Sorry. Other moms will know what I am talking about. It exploded out of each corner of the diaper. That onesie is TOAST. And so is the changing table pad. Yikes. Amazing. I guess that's what builds up when ya don't go for a few days...hahahaha. I think he emptied himself out, though, because no such thing has happened yet today.

Another beautiful day here, so I'm gunna slap together a sandwich, wolf that down, and throw the little man in the stroller for a walk. No run just yet, because we have a group workout in the Sandia foothills tonight at 6pm. We just bring the boy in the BOB and Mike and I take turns running and watching him. The workouts are like track workouts, but are just done on trails. We'll see how it goes, I'm still kind of fast, but I get seriously winded pretty quickly. The other runners, who all happen to be slightly older, are a little slower but can finish the whole workout. I am not at that point yet...I should probably slow down and just finish the workout. Like last Friday night I joined some people for a swim workout, and totally did not finish the workout. They ended with a timed 500, and I had no desire to swim a fast 500. I was ruined just from fast 75s! HAHA. But swimming feels awesome, and I have noticed something!! I am a perfect floater now! Probably because of some, um, excess fat deposits I have spread throughout my body, but it is pretty funny. My legs and arms float now, which used to sink like rocks. I'm sure that'll go away as I lose some weight, but kinda cool that I can float around without working at it! Should just get a pina colada and call myself a floatation device.

I'll let ya know how the workout goes tonight...and wooowww. I know I say this EVERY time, but whenever I sit down to type, Logan starts screaming, and promptly stops when I finish up. Amazing. Til next time.

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  1. The screaming every time you sit down? It doesn't go away. It's called being mom. I swear, Levi HATES it when I try to eat, maybe comb my hair, etc. But screams only when I try to do something for myself. BTW - you are my hero for being so disciplined!!


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