Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finding Inner Peace

Daddy and his tummy-sleeping baby...

Nice smirk...

In thought...daydreaming of boobies...

I'm in no way, shape or form even THINKING of having another baby. No way. No time soon. Uh-uh. But...I can see why people end up thinking of having another one...

Downpour here today, I loved it. I finished my painting (which I'll post) and got a new sewing machine! Well, new to me. Mike's uncle had one from an ex-gf I think...and she didn't want it, so I got it! This means I have to learn how to sew, though. Beyond the hemming of pants. I wanna make me a dress! And Logie some jamies when he's older!

Now I get to go to the gym while Mike takes over parent-duty.

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