Friday, September 25, 2009

Getaway Weekend

Hey all. I've been busy all week so a little MIA. We are heading up to Angelfire this wknd for a fun wknd away. Mike needs a break from work, and I just want to see the leaves and run around up north! Really looking forward to taking Logey out for a run in the mtn area. We're staying in Mike's bosse's house which is B-E-A-utiful! Mind you, this is only one of the houses the guy has. He has two up in Durango, CO as well. I have yet to go up there but it is on the list.

Mike's sister arrived in town late last night and is staying at Gail's (the mom) house. She will get to see Logan for the first time! Before I know it it will be time to go home for X-Mas which will be great. I can't wait to see the whole family - and possibly some snow??

Things have been tense lately. Lack of sleep is catching up with me, and I'm acting a little like a jerk, but that doesn't let every one else off the hook. If anything, I could use some support and help. We all get through it and forget about it - but it is hard when it's happening. We need to find happiness somewhere, in the little things.

Oh, so I went to do my tempo run on the 'mill last night, and only got in 4.25 miles bc SOMEONE got cranky (hungry) in the daycare and started crying a bit. Of course, the second I went in there he was fine. But we left anyway bc I knew he would start squaking if I left again. The run was supposed to be 7.5 miles, so yeahhh. I'm trying to run it at my 9 min pace but, wow, I only was able to do 9:20. I know for a fact that this extra weight is slowing me down, so as I shed some lbs I should speed up. The lady on the treadmill next to me was like, "you were chuggin' along there still!" when the daycare lady came to get me. At least it looked like I was workin' hard! Haha!

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