Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Slow Runner

Me and my chubbo

Our internet here DOES NOT WORK. Oh wait, is that because we are stealing it from the neighbors and have been for about 2.5 yrs (aka length of time we've lived here). It's finally taken the plunge, pulled the plug, whatever. So, if I can manage to grab a signal every now and again, I'm lucky. And you are all so lucky as well because you then hear from me :-)

I signed the kiddo up for daycare at the gym, so I'm finally able to go and workout on my own. Yeahhh no BOB! After 5 or so miles I get tired of pushing that thing. I did a workout on the 'mill last night - 5 by 1000s with 2 min rests. Too bad my pace was hovering around 9 minute miles. (HA! They were supposed to be at 10k pace! Or maybe that IS my 10k pace these days?) I'm slowly getting faster, but damnit it's not happening fast enough. It could possibly be the extra flab in my middle region keeping me back. Yep. I wish it would just vanish, like one morning I wake up and POOF! Flat belly. :::sigh::: No such luck will come, boooo. I'll head out and run 4 with the little man later today. Currently, I am searching for jobs...but hard to do when the internet drops the connection in the middle of sending emails. AGH.

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