Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This and That and Running and Pouting

Hahahaha, I am a terrible mother. I actually waited for him to get uber pissed off so that I could take this picture. When he gets mad, he has a true pout. It's hilarious. Apparently he gets the lips from yours truly. Hmmm, I tried to show off my lower lip, can you see the resemblance? Hahaha.
So, I ran the 8.7 miles on Saturday and it was pretty good. I had track last night (actually, we are working on trails right now...) and that went alright. I get super discouraged because I just can't run that FAST! And I am breathing like I am ready to DIE at the end! We did 4 times around a .7 hilly loop...with an easy "cycle-like" run for the first .5, and then all out the last .2. Needless to say, I skipped the second loop, only completing three. I went out too hard the first time around, and not being very warmed up caused me to just fizzle out at the end. Booo. I think we should warm up more in the beginning because the actual workout ends up not being as advantageous as it should be. Perhaps I'm different than others, but it takes me a good mile or more to feel somewhat warmed up. Kinda sucks for others who don't feel like running a lot, but oh well.

Today I think I might set the bike up on the trainer and sit on that for a bit while baby sleeps (or cries or makes noise or whatever), and then 9AM tomorrow I'm going for an hour run with a couple ladies. Nice slow pace :-) I have to bring LM along in the BOB, so a slow pace will work out nicely.

Oh, and hope you all had a great Labor Day wknd. Mike and a couple friends ran the NM half, I was the designated cheering sqaud as usual. He did a 1:30, which is actually the fastest he's done out here in NM. Damn lack of air.

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  1. Oh, you are such an inspiration!! The bike path in Stowe is 11 miles. I'm hoping to run it before winter. I need to be able to keep up with you when I see you in Dec. We'll do a mommy run! w/out babies and BOBS.


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