Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall in the Air...

Combres and Toltec Train - NM

Pecos River, NM

Aspens in Northern NM

It's the end of the week...another week. It's true when they say the days are endless, but the weeks fly by. I'm sure "they" are right by saying that the years fly by, too...but I'm not at the point yet.

I am an emotional roller coaster these days. I bawl my eyes out reading silly forwards that people send me, and then find myself laughing at the little "coos" coming from the baby on the blanket on the floor, and then transition smoothly into immense anger...and then into loneliness...and at some point into the blues...who am I? I definitely feel lonely...not only from being home with a baby all the time, but because I miss my family and friends a lot. It comes in waves. I love it here, but then I sometimes wish I could stop by my parent's house or my Gummie's house...just to say hi or have a glass of wine. Overall, I think I miss the ease of having family members around so that we can just "swing by" to see each other. For now, though, we'll have to rely on planes and long trips and hours and hours of travel to see each other.

Boredom is creeping up on me lately. I feel a little claustrophobic in the house, and even when I get out it is a process including car seats and diaper bags and binkies...time to look for a job. Part time, but a job nonetheless. Anything to allow me to have some time away, feel like a person, have some money...

It's 66 degrees out and gorgeous...beautiful September weather is rolling in here in NM...finally. I'm ready for a change from the relentless heat.

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