Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Race Report Woes and Healthy Veggies

Oh man - have had a few tough days here with a teething baby and therefore lack of sleep...but I am here, and I am going to give you the rundown on how the 1/2 went on Saturday. I'll make it bearable, but I do have some b****ing to do about the whole thing.

Sooo, here's the deal. The race has been under a new company for a couple years now, and they have struggled to put on a good race. This race wasn't any better. It had rained the night before (which means downpour in New's the only way it rains here) but turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day. We started late because there seemed to be some confusion on where the start line was. Once we took off, the people in the front all went the wrong way, due to a total lack of markers. So, once the middle of the pack got to the first turn we were all merging together as the front of the pack had turned around and was basically running into us all. There was a 3 foot wide bridge we had to cross over, and so every one was suddenly walking and then at a total standstill as we funneled through the bridge. So obnoxious. Once we got over the bridge people began to disperse and we got going on a massively muddy, rain puddle laden trail for the next three miles. Talk about caking up your shoes, throwing off your gait, and totally ruining new shoes if you had bought them (thankfully, I was in my old pain-inflicting shoes, HA). We looped back the start where it became pavement and went out for a couple more out and backs to complete the next 10 miles. Now, many out and backs can you really have in a HALF marathon. Really? Really? It was ridiculous. By the time I had kicked off all the mud, dislodged a humungooo rock from my shoes and gotten back into it, I was exhausted! I slowed down massively for the second half of the race, and could not WAIT to finish the race. I practically wanted to give up at mile 8, boooo :-(

Soo...I finished the race and had some major attitude, and was basically in tears. Couldn't tell you why I was so emotional. I was thinking to myself - why do I even bother with this running thing? It's not like I'm super duper fast?! Agghhh. I wanted to just give up on it all! But alas, I got over it and realized I was being a douche, once I factored in all the "issues" of the race. The race actually got a LOT of negative comments on Active - one of which stated that it was really an unfortunate race for those of us who went to race it - 13 miles is a looong way, and people train really hard and make this their "A" race. It was a big let-down for the serious runners.

So, my numbers, which aren't very specific, are as follows:

I ran the first 6 miles at 8:30 pace and felt pretty good, but that declined due to the shenanigans at the beginning of the race. So much so that I finished in can figure out the numbers for the latter half of the race, but I clearly slowed wayyy down! After talking with Mike about it, he claimed that we could deduct 3-4 minutes off our times to get what we possibly could have run it in. That made me feel better :-) On a good note, I DID run faster than in Tucson in December, and totally untrained as well! I guess impromptu races don't always work out that well...hmmm...yeah my fault on jumping in with two feet.


Moving on here - do any of you struggle to find new and tasty foods to eat? Things can get superbly boring when you eat the same things all the time, and actually, you can miss out on much needed nutrients. Now that summer is creeping up on us I am looking for new veggies to cook up. It's fun to cook and eat new things, plus it broadens your dietary awareness. I checked out things I like, and things I don't frequently eat and created a list for you all to try out. From the list below, I want you all to pick one thing that you don't typically eat, and buy it on your next grocery trip. Do the same thing for the following grocery trip. Which foods are you going to try? I'll tell you what I tried out on my next post.

Artichokes - only have 60 calories per one medium artichoke, and hold 25% of your daily fiber and vitamin C. Plus they are fun to eat. Steam them for 30-45 minutes.

Radishes - contain antioxidants that are cancer fighters, as well as vitamin C. Slice them up in salads, pastas.

Arugula - one cup is 4 calories, and 28% of your daily Vitamin K. Good in salads, mixed with other greens, or in soups.

Beets - High in potassium and magnesium. Goood in just about anything - I just eat them as sides.

Mustard greens - Have beta carotene and phytochemicals (help combat cancer). I would just mix these into salads.

Fennel - It's a crunchy white bulb that is a good alternate to onions. Works as an inflammatory (good for runners, of course) that can relieve cramping and stomach spasms.


  1. Sorry you had such a rough race - the mismarking and having runners go the wrong way is really awful!

  2. You were in TUcson too??! Loved that race! Awesome marathon. Keep it up!!

  3. That sucks Lis!!!! Sounds like you did good though given the circumstances. Lets hope the next one is a better course to run!

  4. omg! fennel! best discovery every! I love that stuff! I found a salad recipe using it in Real Simple magazine. I bought some and brought it home and I was getting worried it would have the same affect on me as cabbage (cause it kinda sorta has the same texture), but NOooooo!! I researched it and it said it that it is good for tummies. And sure enough, it is! It makes me feel great! In case your looking for something to do with it:

    sliced fennel
    can of mandarin oranges

    white wine vinegar
    olive oil (i have become obsessed with the colivita one)
    1/2 tsp sugar
    a few sprinkles of coriander


  5. ooh nice! thanks for the tip there - def need stuff to agree with my tummy.


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