Sunday, April 4, 2010

25 Things You May Not Know About Me

Some of you know me well, others of you don't. So here's 25 things that will let you in on the life of Lisbet. (Trust me, there's a lot more but this is the short list).

1 - My parents are still married (to each other, yes).

2 - I have one brother, Erik, who is now 22.

3 - I grew up in Princeton, Massachusetts and lived there for 23 years before moving to New Mexico (I am now 26).

4 - I was an NCAA All Conference ski racer at UMass - Amherst.

5 - We won Nationals in 2003, Regionals in 2004 - yes we beat the 28 year old imports from Sweden.

6 - It was (one of) the best times of my life.

7 - I figure skated competitively for 10 years.

8 - I had to stop because I fractured my back.

9 - Then I heavily devoted myself to ski racing (which I had also been doing while skating).

10 - I had four majors in college and still graduated in 4 years.

11 - I started running longer and doing triathlons after college - when I met my now husband.

12 - I love being competitive in any sport that I do.

13 - I thought I wouldn't have kids until at least my late 20s, and am so happy I had my first earlier!

14 - I like to think I have a slightly earthy/crunchy style.

15 - My husband thinks that's "dirty."

16 - I like classic rock.

17 - I ran and swam up until the day before I had Logan.

18 - People have asked me if I am a sports model - I think that would be pretty cool if I was!

19 - I have skiied in the Swiss Alps with the like of Norwegian, Italian and Finnish National Teams.

20 - I was born with black hair, and after it fell out and grew back it has always been blonde.

21 - My mom is 100% Swedish.

22 - I don't know if I ever want to do an Ironman (but my husband already is one).

23 - I wish I had more time to read.

24 - I love love love to cook food!

25 - I do not have a Blackberry, iPhone, or whatever else those smart phones are...

Of course, I could go on and on...but I will spare you. I am a pretty interesting person, though, if I do say so myself. Ha.

Anyway, this is a wonderful Easter day here! About 70 degrees and sunny, so it's about time to take the little guy out in the BOB. I really realllllyyy need to get in a long run before this half marathon in two weeks...but not sure how far I'll go today with the kiddo. I'm thinking this race will be faster than last race seeing as I weigh less then I did a few months ago...sooo crossing my fingers! I don't have a goal time really...but 1:55 would be nice, and I think I can do that easily.

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  1. That was a super fun post! You've done some really exciting things!


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