Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crippled Knees Got Me Down On Running

I think I may be crippled by the time I am 35. No really, with the way my knees acted up on Saturday night, you would have thought I was going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I ran 12 miles Saturday morning...and it went fine. A stupidly hilly loop (a few hills I even walked up, I won't lie, who was I trying to impress anyway?) So, with walking included, my pace was 9:10...a nice, pretty easy run in preparation for my half this weekend. My knees have always been an issue, probably from skiing hard since the wee age of 4. If my mileage is low and I suddenly try and jump from runs under 8 miles to runs of 12 or more, my knees react by inflicting pain on me that basically keeps me from doing anything. So...Saturday night, as I sat at a bonfire at a friend's house, my knees slowly but surely set up and started to hurt more and more until I basically couldn't stand/sit/walk...errr...do anything without wanting to cry. To be honest I doubt I have had them hurt this much before. That night I went to bed wondering if I would ever really be able to run far again. Alas, they are better now and I have recovered. So, I guess you all are thinking right now "duh lady, don't you know you can't increase mileage that fast?" Well YES I know this! But I've always been able to just go out and pound out extra miles without any problems. Grrr. Does any one else have such knee problems? Do you think this will prohibit me from staying super active in the future? Hope not. Guess I'll just have to smarten up - doh!

Okie doke - next dilemma - what to do about new running shoes. Mine are ancient (aka 9 months old HAHA) and they are pretty much on their way out. I have Mizuno Waves right now...not sure if I love them. I've had two of the same pair in a row now, but I'm not sure if I love them enough to buy them again. I kind of overpronate...so I need something with an extra arch. I was looking at the RW shoe guide, and the Nike Zoom Structure Triax 13s look good. Is it true that Nikes run narrow, or is that just an old myth? I used to buy them because I thought that was true (and I have a narrow foot...) I have also run in New Balance before and I really liked them...so the New Balance 760 are another option I found. Anywho, if I'm going to drop over 100 bucks on shoes, I want to do my research. Thank God RW has all the info on these shoes; it at least gives me a starting point. But as always, there are too many options!


Does any one watch American Idol? It's Tuesday which means I know what I'll be watching! I feel so pathetic - never in my life have I watched this show, and for some reason the spouse and I have become addicted to it this season. Bleeeehhh. It'll be over soon enough...but...GO Crystal! Love that hippie music/style she has :-)

Happy Tuesday all - hope you get in a good sweat today. 3 mile run and a 30 min bike for me.


  1. Hate to promote but you may need to read my blog today [knee issues].

    Impressed with your hill running - hate hills. [Does anyone really "like" them though?!]. Hill running will always make your knees hurt more. :(

  2. Well lets hope it's the shoes that are doing in your knees. I always know it's time for a new pair when the little aches and pains start to set in. Physical therapy is worth a try if the new shoes don't help. Gotta preserve those joints!

  3. I ran a marathon in December and never had a history of knee pain. Then took two weeks off, went for a 10-mile run and had pretty bad knee pain. The next day ran 10-miles again, pushed myself too hard, and had to call my girlfriend to pick me up after 8 miles. Take my advice, don't push it! If it hurts then stop running. Try shorter distance running faster. Avoid pavement.

  4. Try the new shoes for the knees - that has always helped me in the past.

    My hubby and I used to be addicted to Idol, but have kind of stopped watching this year. It conflicts with my Biggest Loser addiction. :)

  5. first and foremost lisbet..god bless ya..12 miles..whoo...i am lucky if i get 12 inches lol..altho reading your blog has made me decide i am going to be more fitness forward once our lil lady arrives..and also...i also have pathetically fallen for this season of idol..so know you arent alone :) keep on blogging gives me somethin to do on bedrest..also let me know any advice you may have for when i do start..slowly getting back into shape..lol <3 catherine


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