Friday, April 16, 2010

1/2 Mary tomorrow - glass of wine tonight! YES!

Wow. I am alone. Like, in the house with NO child and NO husband. And I am doing NOTHING. Just got home from work and decided not to have a workout today due to the 1/2 tomorrow and my knees hurting this past week. It's not often I can sit on my bed and just jerk around with no pressing matters ( it sad that laundry is sometimes a "pressing" matter? Whatever). This is GREAT - doing nothing that is! I think what makes it even grrrrreater is that it's only for a short period of time so I just relish in it even more. It's funny how the busier you are, the more things you are able squeeze in due to mad time management skills, I mean look at me - I am totally squeezing in quality "me" time right now. HAHA. entertain myself I am displaying a picture of my guns above for you all to see. I know - so totally jacked (harr harr).

Anywayyyyy, so I have the 1/2 tomorrow and I am not properly trained. Meh. We will see how it goes. I am thinking I will start out at a comfortable pace (9:30 or so?) and then settle into a more "uncomfortable but manageable pace" after a few miles. And what is that pace? I'm not even sure, to be honest, but I am thinking somewhere around 8:45? That is a 100% wild guess. I have never been a real numbers person, and I never really predict race times and rely on pace goals...I don't even wear a watch. I just go by how I feel. It has worked in the past. So who knows what an "uncomfortable but manageable pace" will actually feel like. I will def let you all know in the race report! Who knows how this will pan out.

Oh. And I am running in my nasty ratty old shoes that give me apparent knee issues. Ugh. Not like I had time to run out and spring on new shoes...that will have to happen at a later date. Boy I hope my joints get through this intact!

On a whole different issue - I taught kindergarten today. They were AWFUL! Some classes are good, but mannnn this class was bad! AGH! I left feeling drained and like a needed a glass of wine! (which I remedied...) I can deal with one 5 year old, but 19?! Made me appreciate my little Logey man - check out this pic of him below. Fell asleep like this...and somehow managed to get his pants off before doing so...

Have a great weekend all - I'll check in on things after my race!

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  1. I regularly enjoy alone time by posing in front of the mirror and drinking wine - totally normal! That picture of your little guy is so adorable. Hope the half went well!


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