Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Turning Over a New Leaf...? Maybe.

Happy HUMP day! I am here for a brief while, and then I am off to the gym. I find that I have phases where I work out a lot in the gym, and then other times work out a lot outside. Hey, it works for me so why not. Not sure what the workout will be today, but most likely some running on the treadmill (egh, I know, I's just too damn hot out and I don't feel like pushing 50+ pound stroller either). I'm thinking, since I missed track last night, that I will do a track workout that is TBD. Regardless, I will get in some speedwork, which is always wonderful. Then I'll probably hit some weights, because I've forgotten how much I looooove them. And thennnn I will head out to the pool with the child so he can get some splashing in. Sounds like a rather enjoyable Wednesday evening to me, no?


The beginnings of my stuffed portabellas

Ooookay. So speaking of turning over leaves, I have been tuning into my diet lately, weeding out bad food, and figuring out what I can literally "stomach" and what I cannot. I've been dabbling in the raw food diet because it not only intrigues me, but I think there's a lot of credibility to the whole idea. I have been definitely eating a lot less red meat, and I feel like it has totally helped my insides settle down. I stick to chicken and fish now, and those in lower amounts as well. According to Dr. Oz (why do I LOVE his show so much?!), only a quarter of your plate should consist of protein, and that is not at every meal. Half of your plate should be fruits/veggies, one quarter protein, and the remaining quarter should be nuts and herbs and whole grains. They actually put a whole bunch of food on a plate to show you what you should be eating, and it looks pretty damn good. Why would people eat anything BUT that?! Also, I have been looking into cancer-fighting foods. If it's possible to actually prevent cancer through the food we eat, it's insane to think that people haven't tackled this before. Apparently, women who eat broccoli or leafy greens twice a week have a 72% less chance of getting breast cancer. Sounds goood, right? It's a fact that Americans are at fault for much of their own sicknesses, obesity, and even cancer. How have we gotten to this - I thought we were a pretty smart nation (HA - that's a subject for another day...) Buying the right foods and thoroughly preparing them for our benefit is the only way to control our health, however, much of society has forgotten that we ARE what we EAT. I'd rather not be a meatball sub...ew.

Do you guys take the time and energy to buy and prepare healthful food? To me, it's FUN to cook and then enjoy it all! Yummmmooooo. What do you make that is exceptionally good and healthy?


Happiness Journal

Today I am going to read my book and not feel like I should be doing something else.
Today I am going to have a glass of red wine with dinner!
Today I am going to the gym and LOVING it.


  1. You are dead on with this! I've really been trying to make a lot of improvements in my diet the past few months... mostly just eating more whole, clean foods and less processed. I wish I could get my husband on board. :(

    It seems Americans in general don't want to take responsibility for ANYTHING these days, including their own health.

  2. I can give you some great recipes! I am currently growing my own tomatoes, peppers, broccoli (ok that might die), cucumbers, green beans, snap peas, zucchini and summer squash and eggplant(they haven't come up yet so the might not happen). I have a recipe for turkey and bulgar stuffed zucchini that you would love! I have completely revamped the way I eat as of late. Switching to snacks like hummus and pretzels instead of doritoes. Sometimes I'll do a portabella mushroom cap as a 'burger' instead of a burger. I also have given up carbs at dinner. I'll have them for breakfast or lunch but dinner is usually a protein and all veggies. Capresse salads are my new favorite and I make those all the time with fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella... mmmm (I need more calcium in my diet) and I eat yogurt with berries and granola (Kashi go crunch) for breakfast or oatmeal. I definitely crave fresh foods, fruits, veggies and I love TJs for their unique selection of stuff. almond butter is da bomb! I love the texture of it, almost gritty like. I used to buy it a lot, but Im back to Teddys old fashioned, all natural PB. It has no sugar added and lots of protein! Its a childhood favorite and a healthy choice.

    Anyways, this comment has gotten out of control! Let me get you some good recipes. ta-ta

  3. I agree, Pam, that Americans pretty much don't take responsibility for their actions (or lack-there-of).


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