Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meditation - helpful or no?

Whoa. I have been MIA, so sorry about that. I am totally ti-RED right now. Logan has been sick and not sleeping at night, so I am lacking in the sleep department. When is that kid gunna sleep all night? I'm waaaaiting....? So...my "training" hasn't gone well since I returned fromt he cruise. I've gotten a couple swims in, some runs, one speedwork session...and a some crosstraining with P90X, yoga, etc. Guh. I have NOT gotten on my bike outside yet; I WAS on it once before we left for vaca...but that was it. So when will I start to train "seriously"? Ha, who knows, it may be never. I guess I will have to become accustomed to sleepless nights and running around like crazy all day...and the fact that training just might not always fit into my schedule. As long as I become at peace with that, things will be okay in the world of Lisbet.

So, on a totally different note, I was reading some blogs on Psychology Today. You should really check that site out, as there is great insight from tons of smart, highly educated people in the field of psychology/sociology. I came across several posts on meditation. It got me thinking. Does meditation truly help clear our minds, increase mindfulness, help us deal with relationships better? I once thought that meditation was only practiced by crunchy/granola types, and scoffed at it. Now, though, with my life being what it is (the usual adult life of sometimes (most times?) stress, fatigue, constant issues to deal with), I wonder...would meditation be advantageous for me? Could it really help my mind, body and spirit? At one point in my life I'd have laughed at this question, but now I think I need that sort of stability and clarity. Especially in today's world, where it seems that no one can just be happy, I figure...why not join the minority of people at ease. What do you all think? Any one out there meditate, or know people who do? Or do you think it's just a crock?

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  1. meditation.

    I think I need this in a bad way. Thanks for this post.


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