Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sooo Tired Sunday!

I was ready for bed at 5PM today...and it's 8:45 right now, and after I throw this post together I will graciously be turning off my light and rolling over. One night of camping with the kiddo and husband, and another family with twin 4 year old girls and a 1.5 year old boy, spells f-a-t-i-g-u-e. Gah. Throw in a few beers and well, you get the idea. I just can't hang anymore. :-( I feel pretty gross also knowing that I slammed several hot dogs and most of the skittles that Mike brought. Since when do I like skittles?? Ohh yes, I like them after a few Coors Lights have flowed. Needless to say, I am ready for another day, a day in which I can be productive and sweat out what I did to myself this weekend.

My training plan is going well, I guess? As I stated before, I am struggling with motivation. I get booooored quickly? Variety in working out has always been important to me because monotany and me just don't jive. That's why training for a marathon sometimes sounds daunting...granted, I still have a desire to do one. Someday, someday. I am thinking I will hit up a 10K in July that is pretty popular, just to maintain my competitive streak. Any one else get bored when they aren't racing? I love the thrill of it, and when I do race, I remember why I do what I do. Imagining a life without any sort of athletic competition seems entirely impossible.

For tomorrow I have a swim, and then I'll probably manage a yoga session at home during nap time.

And I was thinking...when did it get to be the end of JUNE people?!

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