Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Own Happiness Project

Hello all!

So, on a quest to create more happiness in my life, I am going to start keeping a "happines journal" that I will add to the end of each of my posts. No longer will I let the people around me bring me down, no longer will I dwell on every little thing in life!

So, it's onward - with a few things each day that I will do to make myself a happy. Just a few small goals to accomplish. Because really...it's the little things in life that we need to revel in.


Yesterday I ran 3 miles on the 'mill (because it is way too freaking hot here in NM), lifted some weights which felt GREAT, and then took the kiddo swimming. He looooves the water, and splashed around like a maniac, getting me, my sunglasses, and every one in a 3 foot radius soaked. But it was great and I am so happy that he doesn't mind getting dunked. He'll be a super swimmer!

I need new shoes. That's right, I have NOT bought any new running shoes, and it has become a problem. I feel bad forking over the money, but this is one of those things I just need to pony up for, isn't it? Yep. No more excuses. I'd rather not land in a dr's offive due to excruciating knee pain when I knew that I could have prevented it. I'm smarter than this!!!

I want to run another 1/2 marathon, so I think I will sign up for the Chips 'n Salsa 1/2 in September. I would like to better my time of 1:56 in March...the race in which people ran off course, we ran through mud, and got super backed-up which I SWEAR hurt my time!

Okay time to enjoy this nap time, although he will probably wake up soon...


Happiness Journal:

Today I will:

take my son for a walk down by the river
hit up the library to check out a book to learn Swedish!

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