Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting a little antsy over here...

I'm getting a little bored with being pregnant. Actually, I don't even know if "bored" is the right word...more like anxious and impatient. It is beautiful and sunny here EVERYDAY which I LOVE. I've made it to the pool a few times (to swim and lounge equally :-) )... and I'm lifting weights, getting my cardio in (whatever works for me that day - biking, elliptical, jogging...) and going on regular hikes up the mtn. However, I miss REALLY working out. Like truly training. I've never been an "exerciser". I "train". There is a difference. I'm used to higher volume and higher intensity to achieve athletic results...rather than just trying to stay fit. Now I realize I am just trying to stay fit. I miss pushing so hard it hurts. I miss feeling competitive. I want to run a race, and I could technically enter a short one, a 5k or something, but it would not satisfy my craving for competition. After the baby comes I am planning on entering some races, a 5k here and there, and I told Mike I want to do the Tucson 1/2 Marathon in December. He, of course, will come do it with me. The bottom line is I can't ever imagine living the rest of my life like this - just exercising for fitness - I'm a competitor. I'm glad for that, but it makes this so-called down time (okay, pregnancy) feel sooo long. For now I guess I can just be happy for all the wonderful things in life, and know that I will be back to training sooner than later. And with a baby in tow.

As for today, it is yoga day. My weekly class is tonight, and sometimes I look forward to it and other times I don't. Today I am looking forward to it, because any stretching and weird positions I do now that will help get that baby out easier sounds good to me! I'm still super tight (at least I think so...but my chiropractor told me I'm much more flexible than most people he sees). This class is definitely helping with my lower back pain. Maybe I'll go on a hike before class.

Other regular duties of laundry and tidying up around here, some errands, and watering the in-laws' flowers while they're out of town call my name now.

Happy Thursday,



  1. Im running a 1/2 marathon in October. Then I want to train for a marathon sometime next year. I have been looking at the Rock n' Roll Marathon. There is a band every mile. They have it in a bunch of different states within driving range for both of us. If you are up for it we should do one when you get back in shape. You would prob kick my ass so we wouldnt have to stay together the whole way but it would be cool to be in the same race and hang out. Keep it in mind.

  2. ohhhhhh! a marathon! which rock 'n roll? there are a lot of them...there is one in Cali that I wanted to do...maybe we could do that one in 2010? I would be up for that. And dude, you prob would kick MY ass. Who says I will ever get back in shape after this thing comes out?!


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