Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Blogger I Am!

I was reading "Artful Blogging" yesterday in the book store, and an article titled "Be a Good Blogger" caught my eye. Check out the latest issue of the magazine to see some great photos, blogs and tips. It's at Barnes 'n Noble - one of my favorite places to chill out. Plus the AC is on in there!

The setting process of some of my new soaps are pictured. They will be listed on Etsy as soon as I get the shots I want. My favorite part, currently, about making the soap is creating the colors! So many beautiful colors can be made, and each soap is unique because the colors can't all match perfectly. This is why I love handmade things...each piece is unique.

Flowers - and a lone baby cactus - in our front yard.


  1. I love the little cactus. They don't grow so well here in rainy England but my partner loves them and often orders hardy babies in an attempt to get them to grow here, though sadly it doesn't work too often.

  2. So that's how handmade soap is made...I always wondered about that. Do you bake it in your own oven?

  3. lovely flowers and cactus!... we have more everygreen up here, hard to come by a wild cactus ;)

  4. addictive - you don't actually bake it, those molds are just setting up! You pour the mix while it's hot into the molds, then it sets. It's the "cold-process" technique. Love it :-)

  5. what a cute blog and a super cute couple! :-D



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