Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

What a great day outside here in New Mexico! Sunny and blue skies! The little guy in my belly has been squirming all day ;-). He must know it's lovely out.

So I am in the midst of making soap, making labels, making earring hang tags, and packaging soap right now. Yikes. My kitchen looks like a science lab. I REALLY wish I had a HUGE workspace for myself! My jewelry corner is just fine and relatively organized (a corner is all I get in our house, I think we need a bigger house). As for making soap and lotions and body products? Not so much. I can't just leave it out of course, I can't make dinner next to melting oils and such?! Booo.

I made some new jewelry, a bracelet in particular that I love. (in the picture) I still don't have my soap on Etsy yet, that is happening soon. I am trying to sell it locally as of right now, but I think Etsy is calling it! All day I have agonized over packaging. It needs to look pretty, right?! I love pretty packaging personally - even a little band that covers the soap is good enough. (such as in picture). I will get some shots of my packaged soap and post 'em up here soon to see what you all think. Ya know, if they look alright! I love your feedback!

It is off to finish my work (finish? okay...just continue I guess...) Have a wonderful Friday and weekend and see you back in a couple days!

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  1. wow you def look pregnant in that pic! Your soaps look like those high end expensive ones you can buy in a fancy store. They def look professional. I cant believe you made that!


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