Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just checking in

It's mid-afternoon and I just finished up with things that took me forever, but don't have much of a result to the naked eye. Basically, I dusted, swept, cleaned the bathroom, did the laundry, ironed several pants and shirts, watered the plants, made and filled my soap molds (will be selling my soap at an outdoor market in a couple weeks) - all after driving down to Mike's work this AM to hand off some clothes, running shoes and lunch...and a stop at the grocery store for fruit and veggies. And ya know what? Not many people will notice. ~~sigh~~ Needless to say, carrying around my big belly doing housework is not the easiest thing...and I am tired! It's a nuisance, in my way when I bend over and try and squeeze by things.

Anywho, not complaining about my morning/early afternoon. Good to get work done around here. I'm still boggled that my life is what it is right now. I want to meet this baby! I am ready to see him, and I wonder what he looks like all the time. Yeah, I have little worries all the time...and just hope that he is healthy. He moves around a ton, squirming and punching, so I know that he's active. I've had a good pregnancy, so I know I have nothing to worry about.

I managed to get some jewelry made yesterday, and need to take pictures and post them. I want to bring a bunch of stuff to this market in a couple weeks - hopefully I'll sell a bunch! Handmade jewelry and soaps will make up most of my booth. I have different types of soaps I'm making...some exfoliating ones, some with shea butter...all with various ingredients.

Now it's time to head to the pool to get some laps in.

Check back in later this week ;-)



  1. I am trying to picture a pregnant woman as active as you are...swimming laps? The only memories of a pregnant woman even in a bathingsuit are the ones from all the summers with my giant fam at hampton and all the pregger mommas in their frilly skirt type bathing suits. haha Man i miss you!

    Did you have a good mothers day?? what did you doooooo.

  2. I got catered to, haha. NOT. We had a great time at Gail's and then I carted her and Mikey to the casino. What dorks.


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