Saturday, May 30, 2009

Logan is giving me heartburn!

Everything I eat now just seems to come right back up. Or I just get ridiculous heartburn. Either way, it is annoyyyying. I have never had heartburn I know why people complain about it. However, it did not stop me from eating my face off tonight. Yep. Came home from the pool to eat salad, buffalo wings, ice cream, yogurt and cheerios. Odd combination and order, I know. My body was just saying FEED ME. I'll probably weigh as much as a fridge at the docs on wed...GUH. Oh well.

The pool was nice...I only swam 800 yds...was kinda tired. I only slept for about 6 hours last night and got up early to go the "art" show. I quote that bc it was NOT an art show. They fooled me. It was all junk, and I barely sold anything. So...I packed it up and left early. What a flop.

Now that it's past 8 PM I am just totally wiped and will be hitting the sack soon...Mmmm. Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep with out, ahem, someone getting in the way. I guess he's always in the way now.

~Above~ I am sporting my naked belly for you all. I know you wanted to see it. And also...some drawings and stuffff. Not sure what they're for yet, I'll just add them to my evergrowing pile of miscellaneous crafts that aren't finished yet.

Night night.

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