Friday, May 22, 2009

I have insomnia, again.

Ugh. Uugggh. I have this issue lately where I just can't go to sleep at night. Hubby passes out (as usual), and I get up and pace around, drink some water, play online, watch tv...bleh. I mean, I am exhausted, yes, but I just can't fall asleep. Plus little man is booting me from the inside like no other. Oh well. I don't mind that much, actually, because it gives me some time to just chill and relax with no other tasks awaiting me. I was just sitting in bed reading, looked down to see my belly move around, and just couldn't believe that my stomach has actually gotten THAT big. The fact that it is capable of doing that boggles my mind. Then I think, wow that thing is really stretched out, can't WAIT to see what it looks like when the baby isn't even IN there anymore. THAT is a whole differen't story. Tummy tuck any one? Just kidding, I would probably never do that. I just hope I "bounce back" relatively quickly.

Still trying to keep up this gym thing. This week was kind of lame, I had zero motivation. I still went, did skip a day, though. No running, just eliptical and bike. I rarely run more than once a week now. It is just uncomfortable and I feel like I am going to pee all over the place. So, I can still jog which makes me happy. If I can run at this weight, I have absolutely NO excuse to fly when I get back down to a normal weight. They say after women have children they can become better runners (for various reasons that I am not sure of at this moment). SO hope that is true. I am super pumped to work out at a decent intensity again...I crave it...I miss it. I am no "exerciser". I train. For the sheer joy of it (I like pain?).

Happy Friday night all, until next time. Some red "thingies" below!!! Just for fun...

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